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Make Your Own SplashScreen


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I've been reading users comments asking for converting their desired JPEG files to .MIF files so that they can set them as their customized shutdown and bootup screens.

This is a helpfull tool that i found.

Its a very easy one to use.

There is a step-by-step guide for  converting your desired jpeg/jpg to .mif....

Hit +1 if u like my efforts...:)


Download and Extract A993_mif.


Run the A993_mif.exe inside the extracted directory.

Posted Image


Go to File--> Change Phone Resolution and set Height 640 and Width 360 . (for most s60v5 and S^3 phones)

[img width=560 height=420] wb8nir.jpg


Go to File--> Open Image and select your desired JPEG/JPG file which u want to convert and click Convert to Mif and Save...

[img width=560 height=420] ekjdj5.jpg

Thats all...:)

After converting into .MIF format rename the startup screen as SplashScreen.mif and shutdown screen as SysAp.mif..

Put these two files in ROFS2/resource/apps

Repack, J.A.F and ENJOY....:)

It wasn't that much difficult...Right?

Try it yourself and give feedback..also hit +1 if u like my efforts...:)


Those who are still unable to convert their desired jpeg/jpg files could upload them in the thread and i will convert it for them...:) (Xtreme.Infinity)


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Guest prayaas1998

The problem is that it is in my post which was shifted from my thread into shashwat's thread. :( Thus it's difficult to find it. I also decided that since it will be difficult to find, there is no use of adding ore.

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Hi everybody.... i tried to convert .gif to .mif with A993_mif.exe as per instruction. done successfully but converted size (360*640) is only 20.7 kb  and original .gif is about 324 kb with 20.7 kb file ,splashscreen doesn't change...only black screen while i have some readymade splashscreen of 604 kb which works fine.. kindly guide me. thanks

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