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  1. if swap is what you and you have root then its better to try 'swapper' app from market .
  2. a110 should be the right choice - it has even got a pretty lengthy - all things root - thread in xda and decent dev support . all reviews so far have been satisfactory - you can check for yourself !
  3. Unless you buy really costly ones, cheap ultraboks are not worth it! Other than ssd that comes with them, most cheap ultrabooks are underpowered!
  4. If you stay at home itself then guess that most of your projects and other engineering stuff can be done with your desktop itself so why not by a tab?
  5. There was something like mtorrent if I remember correct!
  6. Pips is already installed I guess -that's why it shows update error !
  7. Xperia U maybe for 16K does'nt have a sd card slot but if thats okay with you , then all other specs are good !
  8. ipad 3 - nothing is wrong with its interface - you can go for it if price is not a deciding factor
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