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  1. CFW Name: AlienTecHz v2.0 CFW Creators: N&N (Nathaniel & NormaS) Model : Nokia 500 Supported RM's :RM-750 Base Firmware : 111.020.0059, 111.020.0067, 111.020.0068 Languages Present : English AlienTechz Official Page Previous CFW: AlienTech v1.0 Credits : All Original Modders A Big Thanks to RitoBroto for Designing Splash Screen and Ujjwal for developing Splash screen Beta Testers : 111.020.0059-->Nathaniel(myself),avis daney &Normas 111.020.0067-->Asad ali 111.020.0068--> Asad Ali If u r a newBie And u don't know about flashing
  2. +1 ..Gud Mod..Can this Used For S^3??
  3. Hi Guys this is my First CFW for Nokia 500 (RM-750) User's, I hope you will like it... If you like my CFW please click on Thank You Button. Please give your feedback and if you find any bug please report me about that. AlienTecH V1.0 Change Log in V1.0 with Based on OFW v111.020.0059 :- Widgets included are -[Transparent] -3G On-Off -Analog Clock -Big-Analog Clock -Mini-Analog Clock -Small-Bluetooth On-Off -Bookmark -Comms Contacts -Calendar-Agenda -Calendar-Extended -Clock-Digital -Digital Clock-Transparent -Fav Contact- Mini -Fav Contact- Single -Fav Contact- M
  4. "THANX TO ZINGER FOR SHARE" Widget groups of contacts with quick access to frequently used methods of communication. Taken from the N8 111.040.0904 v7.2 by Taylor By clicking on any contact button appear in the widget calls, messages, etc. . Checked at 111.040.0904, FP1,C7 Belle, Nokia 500
  5. Quick office For nokia 500.. And Adobe reader too
  6. This Isn't working in my nokia 500.. Shud i Hack My phone tO Install This App..
  7. I got this... And wat abt editing default Bluetooth name??
  8. Hey Guys I need one more help.... wher to change default bluetooth name and i want a folder from which gallery shud not read..
  9. Hey Guys..i changed Splashscreen and i am gettingn blank Screen after flashing the phone... Can anybody help me??
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