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  1. Really Nice share mate...keep em coming
  2. Looks interesting... Keep up with sharing good apps. Sent via Ainol flame.
  3. Looking forward to seeing the entries... Sent via Ainol flame.
  4. Maybe this post might be of some help... http://forum.gizmolord.com/index.php?/topic/4195-[iNDEX]-Everything-For--Pantech-Burst#entry59699 Sent from my MB526 using Tapatalk 2
  5. Try flashing one of the custom roms available in this forum instead and see if that works, but till then do like @navratn said cause we won't know anything until you post a log.
  6. My Choice would be the Ainol Novo7 Aurora - I currently have an Ainol Novo7 Flame/Fire tablet, and it has been working flawlessly. - Its my 1st Chinese product and hasn't let me down. - Hence i trust Ainol brand, It has good product specs, comfortable to hold and portable as well, especially for playing games, surfing and reading. - The specs are promising and with the 1gb ram i can load a bunch of apps and games. Suggestions for future giveaways: A photography contest as suggested by @die2mrw007 is definitely a good option, and price could be a mobile phone. The current contest is good as well, would like to participate in another.
  7. I updated to mokee 4.3.1 latest nightly, and tested this patch, will check for a few more day or i think i'll go back to 3.7 for battery and stability
  8. There is an option to go to the last unread, I've used it and it works... Sent from my defy plus.
  9. I like the new features, much more better. Also @nitesh the forum width is going out of screen, have a look at it.
  10. So guys whats new?

  11. Have you chqnged you baseband settings according your country...? Sent from my defy plus.
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