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  1. I'm not a developer. It depend burst dev team currently as I'm seeing from months work is in slow progress. I can't help in that.
  2. Wheres general board -_ - ?

    1. Die2mrw007


      It is there...have a close look :)

    2. CrackUC


      fuck its in first place -_- Didn't looked :3 BTW new forum software looking awesome :D

  3. Its a general problem , you need to wipe/reflash till everything is fine probably it will take 1-3 flashed and after that no rom will make you in trouble !
  4. Well , that might/must be a CM10 bug ! None reported that so that didn't got fixed :/ And now chances of getting it fixed is very less too as we are going to have CM10.1 in couple of days(according to my assumptions) So the only thing you can do is take logcat and dmseg and report to devs at google project ! . Thats the least you can do except fixing that yourself ! . just flash that gbboot.zip as-well and then flash Gizmolord rom . The rom will automatically update your recovery to best working touch version included with rom
  5. encryption of roms o.O ? You can't flash JB roms you mean ?
  6. Don't ask me to give unlock codes !! If you can't generate so I can't generate also !!
  7. This should not happen :/ But why you switch so many sims
  8. Please note We do nothing by ourselves !! We run program and copy-paste code here . Many a times program gives error so we can't do anything special in it and we wait till it works Same way before asking wait 4-5 days and then ask . Thanks
  9. I'll Try to Hide IMEI After Unlock code gets received .
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