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  1. y cant u ppl upld it for free, pls can u tell where to get dis game or any other paid game of google play for free??? dat will be a big help...
  2. thanx.. but i only wanted to know how to use rofs3 and u said it all... i didn't knew cnt uses rofs3 thanx for helping me..
  3. i have tried it in 2-3 cfw but same prob. they all are 110mb in size, n i am not a newbie that i am doing any thing wrong. is there any video how to do dis?? pls help.. i want that belle hs in my phone..
  4. i am trying to delete apps from nokia cleaner but rofs2 folder of any cfw its not showing any applications, i dnt know why is it so? i have viewed videos for using Nokia cleaner and have read many tutorials but its not working? can i use 40-45mb aio file in my 110mb of rofs2 file??
  5. i am trying to to put aio2 pack in my sfr cfw's rofs2 but the file size extend with 24 mb, what do i do??? SFR's rofs2 file size is only 110mb and its saying to have 120 mb+ size in rofs2?? what do i do?
  6. When are u ppl going to release gingerdust v2?? i am curiously wating...
  7. i have rm 625 but u have got already 2 testers, so inform me if u need help, n when u r releasing ur final version for rm625 pls do inform me.
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