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  1. Noia BH503 not working with 5530 in this firmware dont post by just writing fixed fix it then post FIXED
  2. @Nitesh retired symbian moder active love guru
  3. sexiest thing about a girl is confidence. (Yeah, you can quote me!) :-O =)) ~ well i thought those measurements were important
  4. nitesh bro i tried the n97v30 headst fix in this forum with krystal but it didnt work any way to fix? and plz tell me how can i have 3x4 menu and 2x6 menu ? iam using a simple c6v40 port these days coz of that headset issue , I hope it can be fixed and do tell me which file is responsble for menu and if possible plz atttach here or just gimme name i will extract from krystal
  5. happened with me too once just get browser of c6v41 and add it to rofs basically overwrite it after adding icons and it will work
  6. edited the file as you said , placed in c and it works thanks mate
  7. folders names are "photos" , "wallpapers", " hidden" and i made one can u check if it is correctly made ? coz it did work with krystal 1.5 using v32 core
  8. bro im not good at doing this stuff can u plz make it ? , hidden folders should be photos , hidden and wallpapers if not i will try and post the result here
  9. gallery file hide mod is not wotking since i updated my 5530 to v 40 core any help????????????
  10. while downloading firmware i found memory card content file how to flash it?
  11. +1 although i will not use it as i dnt have a BT headset
  12. .apk file ? how to open ? ahh its for androids anyway +1
  13. do we have enough space on 5800s flash memory to write two firmwares? how is it goig to happen
  14. guys i ve an N95 prod code 0546553 can i install fw for any other product code ? provided i stick with rm 159?
  15. tablet and even ultraportable netbooks suck for me their graphic capabilities are so limited that they can hardly play an hd movie so its a total waste for a person like me , to cut long talks short get a lappy
  16. +1 awesome but date is not shown in this clock original black clock has date too ? is that intentionally removed to match HTC ? i dnno anything abt htc
  17. as our problem is common regarding remote locking am i right in concluding that its core of c6/n97 port to blame? Other ported cfw users please confirm
  18. remote phone locking not working in krystal 1.5 works in ofw for 5530
  19. yes i can be but not sure because i dont have my pc with me mostly these days anyway if you pm me the project files i can try it and if bugs are fixed i will share
  20. @all 5530 users being bothered by that maplaser icon you can do this extract rofs2 remove maps using firmware cleaner and then use fixed/updated maps by Debsin I got it messed up by throwing updated maps without removing old ones
  21. @die bro which menu modes you used for menu without scroll bar and 2 row menu in landscape mode
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