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  1. here's mine HTC Desire S with Fallout Evolution v5.0.0 (ICS) http://forum.gizmolord.com/index.php?action=dlattach;topic=5467.0;attach=12274;image
  2. Hello Everyone. Recently I received my HTC Desire S and had a difficult time sorting out how to set-up ADB and Fastboot. So I made this tutorial so others may find it easy. Q: Why do we need to setup ADB and Fastboot? A: Well there are many purposes of setting up ADB which even I dont know yet completely But the main reason for setting it up is required by users who have unlocked their HTC Device's bootloaders using HTCDev Unlock. This unlock is although permanent, but it conflicts when you are about to flash a Custom ROM. People who have tried their hands-on some Custom ROMs might alre
  3. Nice tutorial UC +5 BTW Also make a tutorial on installing MAC
  4. I'd like to enter in this contest -.- I want these earphones bcz i recently cut out wire of my orginial Nokia headphones so actually i need these ones
  5. No such issues faced by me. May be due to more active apps in background?
  6. You sort out the typos and we'll change them accordingly
  7. Please someone post about "How to get a gf" too
  8. Component Built-in error arises due to left residue of app file in CFW. check for any resource or mif file in rofs2/resource or any .dll file in sys/bin
  9. In Belle Version you'll have Belle like icons instead of words for exit,back,etc in Non-Belle Version
  10. BTW A Suggestion: You should modify the Title of thread...Try mentioning the RM's in the title.. It will help users and frankly speaking it worked with Equilibrium thread and we got more people looking in the thread..(talking about Members and Guests)
  11. Finally.....Awesome man But can u explain this: "[Exclusive] Skyfire Browser" You made a browser app? EDIT: and also is it compulsory to use the CORE you provided? You messed with CORE too?
  12. Its not a problem . But be careful next time Added SOLVED tag in the title Hope you dont mind.
  13. Paste the attached files in ROFS2 Repack..JAF Voice Commands and Settings Wizard will work
  14. It should I can't remind but i think i removed Voice Command I'll give you the files for it And for Setting Wizard..Which Settings u talking about?
  15. Its in the first post Links: CORE : http://www.mediafire.com/?ohia63tk8dkdpqc ROFS2 : http://www.mediafire.com/?t2jv0rtbb7xkne2 (pass: die2mrw007) Rename as suggested.
  16. If he just HACKED his 5800 a year before...I think it'll need more elaboration of term HARD RESET use ur Nokia File Manager to make a Backup of contacts/messages/etc. Turn off ur phone. Press Red Key (Call end) + Green key (Call answer) + Camera Key, Keep them holding in same order and press Power button until NOKIA logo appears Now go back to File Manager and restore ur back and you're Good to go
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