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  1. Die2mrw007


    Sources are not released I guess.
  2. Product Category : http://www.tmart.com/Mobile-Power-Bank/ Product Link : http://www.tmart.com/20000mAh-19-16V-Mobile-Power-Charger-for-Laptop-Silver_p138436.html Power bank is nowadays an essential gadget for every smartphone, laptop users with increasing social activity. Next Giveaway: A great smartphone giveaway
  3. Die2mrw007


    What exactly is this? Can you describe it more?
  4. Man, this is interesting. I am gonna try this. I wonder how exactly it functions with just 4 key input.
  5. It was developed but was not using the hooks method and hence SMF didnt allow me to publish. I will work on this again.
  6. We are sorry to inform you that the contest has been closed due to technical issues. All the participants so far we received will be rewarded as appropriate. Thank you for your co-operation.
  7. Thats the catch.... Something creative is what we wish to see. A close shot of a vintage gadget maybe, A big television antenna erected, or anything different. The only condition is that the object which you click should be any electronic or tech instrument/gadget. Sent from my Motorola Defy+ running Android 4.4 Kitkat
  8. Hello Gizmolordians..!!! We are back with a new contest in sponsorship with DX.com - The worldwide online shopping store This time we have decided to organize a photography contest, where you can show your photography skills Items and vouchers worth $$$ to be won..!!! So grab your cameras, camera phones or whatever you have got to click that awesome perfect click. Rules are simple: 1.Participants have to capture pics on decided theme: Electronics, electonic gadgets (smartphones, tablets, laptops, music accessories, smart watch, or any cool tech gadgets available). If you are unsure about this, you may post reply to this topic with any doubts pertaining to the contest. 2.Participants have to send their entry to this email : photos@gizmolord.com 3.Photos should be exclusive to the participant submitting the entry. (No copy,borrowed, inspired pics.) If we find such pics, the entry will be dis-qualified without intimation. 4. One photo submission per participant. Do not create multiple accounts for multiple submissions. We do track such behaviour using our dedicated tracking mechanism and disqualifies such entries and the user. 5.Photos should not be edited via any kind of software or any such kind applications to enhance the photo. 6.Photos should be original and un-edited. Judging process: 1. Judges will be marking entries on the basis of the theme,concept, skills and other deserving factors 2. In case of a TIE, the three judges will decide on to which entry to be declared as winner with mutual understandings and discussions on the quality aspect of the picture compared to that of the other winning entry (TIE entry) Now to make things more interesting: 1st prize winner will get: Brand new Seagate 250gb portable HDD (You can save all your awesome photo clicks on this heavy duty, quality certified Hard Disk Drive) 1st runner up will get: Cash voucher worth $25 2nd runner up will get: Cash voucher worth $10 Gizmolord will feature the winning photo in the blog for a month with watermark of Gizmolord and DX.com in it and will showcase it to the public. Gizmolord Team and DX.com wishes you all the best...!!! The Contest starts from today (6th December 2013 - 31st December 2013). So grab your cameras and capture those special moments Disclaimer: The winning member gives exclusive rights to gizmolord and dx.com to use the image anywhere over web with relevant credits to the author. Gizmolord will feature the winning photo in the blog for a month with watermark of GL and DX in it. We do not use any of the submitted entries for any commercial use. All we ask is the exclusive right to publish the winning photos over internet to showcase the winner and appreciate their participation in the contest.
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