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  1. can this method revive my dead rm-495 5130 xm ???
  2. and one more bug is : When phone is locked,if u press the call key the lock screen doesn't work.....
  3. can i intregate the sis files provided in rofs2(in pnht folder) with uda file ???? need prmsn !!!!
  4. bugs found.... 1. music player doesn't read e:\music 2. ram is between 45 - 50 mb 3. integrate the sis files into the cfw,
  5. not working lol @ hellrocker... using nokia cooker to edit the rofs2 ... will the prblm be solved ????@syxcs
  6. downloaded the core....now flashing...if it's not working then u will have to provide ri8 core files here....
  7. can i use nokia firmware editor for this purpose....? and one more thing that i flashed with rm-588 official firmware...my phone revived...but when i'm trying to flash with this cfw using 5230 rm-588 v51.6.002 core by binh24 .... it won't boot up again....so i think the problem is in the rofs2 file not in core...
  8. flashing with rm-588 51.6.002 core and ur provided rofs2 file... now my won't boot up.... wtf !!!
  9. for hacking ur phone..... Norton Symbian hack is perfect and Best.......
  10. but u can still try isms or thread sms in ur firmware directly......
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