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  1. Obviously it Ainol, when it comes to Cheap and powerful tablets.. http://dx.com/p/ainol-novo8-mini-7-85-dual-core-android-4-1-tablet-pc-w-512mb-ram-8gb-dual-camera-otg-white-259368 I would prefer this one Not because its really a beauty, but it a beast and you can't say anything about Ainol's build quality. So, I'm with this tab
  2. Perfectly designed for my Nexus 4 Thanks for such a beautiful theme
  3. Seriously???? That problem can also occur with official batteries
  4. Put it on charge at night and use in day time
  5. Well, these days, smartphones have quad or octa core processors having less thickness and hence have small batteries due to which phones dry out very quickly.. Having extra battery is really a boon for smartphone users but it has own cons like : 1. Phone looks ugly 2. The charging time is very high, so if you in hurry you can't charge the battery 3. Phone becomes heavy and difficult to handle 4. Heating issues So, having an extra battery is good, but it should be used considering its disadvantages, otherwise it can become very hectic
  6. Why do you want to change it ??
  7. Why dont you compress it and upload it here It will be better for sharing
  8. This link is fine http://www.mediafire.com/?yygky9r1k8531y7
  9. wipe your data n reset factory settings, do a clean install again, then wipe dalvik cache I hoope, u r using latest n correct build for your phone
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