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Win Skullcandy S2TTCB-047 Earphones | GizmoLord Contest #2


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GizmoLord is back again with Contest #2 where we will be giving a unit of skullcandy S2TTCB-047 earphone to one of our members via this contest. All you have to do is follow the below mentioned procedure:

Procedure to take part in Skullcandy Contest:

1. Like our Official Facebook Page

2. Follow our Official Twitter Page

3. Make a post here in this topic mentioning why you would like to have this uni-designed earphones from skullcandy.

Additional Tips for increasing the chances of Winning the Contest:

1. Post our blog contest article on your Facebook Profile with privacy of the post set to “Public” so that we can view and verify the submission.

2. Tweet our blog contest article with hashtag (#) as “gizmolord” and also mentioning Gizmo_Lord official twitter page. This is how the hashtag will look like: #gizmolord. Make sure your tweets are publicly visible and arent set to private or locked.

3. If you have a personal blog, you can post an article mentioning about this contest and providing with a link to our blog contest article.

Contest Validity and Declaration of Winner:

Starting from this article post date, the Contest will run until 14th of August 2012 and the result will be declared on the next consecutive day i.e. 15th of August 2012 which also marks as Independence day in India. It would be a great honor for the GizmoLord Team to announce the winner on this auspicious day.

The Result will be on lucky draw basis where we will be using random.org

We will email the contest winner as soon as the result is declared. The winning member will then need to provide his/her residence address where the Skullcandy S2TTCB-047 Earphones will be shipped to.

Rules and Regulations:

1. Members should not make multiple accounts in forum in view of cheating the contest to increase the winning chances. We track each member with respect to IP address and cookies.

2. The winning person is required to provide us with the address to get the Skullcandy S2TTCB-047 Earphones delivered. Please refrain from participating in the contest if you wish not to provide us with the residence address.

3. All the members participating in the forum should update their Facebook and Twitter profile field mandatory in the Forum Profile section.

All members of this forum can participate in this contest including the Staff members except the Administrators of this forum.

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To be honest, Skullcandy is not a brand recognised for "good headphones". As the winner will be chosen randomly, what you write in comment doesn't really matter :P I wanna win these Skullcandy headphones because I've already got Nokia WH-205, Nokia WH-901, Philips SHE-2550 and a few Rs. 20-50 headphones. Yeah right! That's a lot of Crap!!! And, I've also got Sennheiser HD-218. They're really good for the price but aren't 'in ear headphones'. They're big! But, not too big. But, the sound quality is really good! I'm greedy! So I want these Skullcandy headphones too, even if they have a sucking audio quality... But atleast, I'll get in ear headphones which will be better than WH-205. But IMO, you should've chosen Audio Technia, Sony, Sennheiser, Altec Lansing in ear headphones instead! :-\

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I want to participate in this contest & win this Skullcandy S2TTCB-047 Earphones coz i love musinc, hearing songs & watching movies on my mobile .. So for this what can be better than skullcandy earphones . Also i don't have money to buy such royal earphone ..

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