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  1. Product Category : http://www.tmart.com/Wrist-Watch/ Product Link : http://www.tmart.com/SHINR-Men-Large-Round-Simple-Timing-Figures-Dial-PU-Leather-Band-Quartz-Wrist-Watch-White-Black_p227150.html Description : This Watch looks really cool and stylish, other features like stainless steal, waterproof are interesting. Next Contest prize should be some sort of cell phone or stylish headphones.
  2. Pls tell me how can i change my username in the forum? I tried searching in settings but didnt found it or else if i dont've d permission to change username, can any moderator or other officials change it for me?
  3. thanx! Pls make my image big as others have done
  4. back to this forum after a long time well, here is mine 4 today http://forum.gizmolord.com/symbian-s60v5/post-your-homescreen-snap-here-!/?action=dlattach;attach=12540;image
  5. I Always wanted skull candy headphones because of their awesome sound quality n a perfect blend of looks!
  6. pls tell me how u got tht accel switch n lock icon in d navi bar???? + 2 4 d release
  7. but imelo gets expired very soon.... even if it is cracked!!!!!!!!
  8. if we click on wi fi option (52xx), it goes up then.
  9. Pls someone make a mod by which v can get coverflow(landscape) in s60v5's default music player... I dont know whether its possible or not! Imelo is also a nice player but it gets expired aftr few mins.... so pls modders......
  10. how to use it??? is it just extracting it on E:/others??????
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