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  1. WTF ? Paid app. Attachment removed. Store link added. @Ice Shaker stop posting warez apps , next time you will get a ban.
  2. which part ? 576 thingy ? or camera-gal ? Both are true
  3. Human Eye : 576 MegaPixel. (i sometimes use it as camera on watching a pretty gal )
  4. Can someone attach screenshots ? Sounds interesting.
  5. I want a new device ths seems awesome opportunity ! So i'm in... Hope I win.
  6. is there a popup too ?? To disable replace f3e770b5 to f3e77047( Use Hex editor ofcorse) in corresponding file related for the popup you need to disable.
  7. thanks mate broswer ex while browsing russian sites and also when we are off line belle has annoying popup at left extremety of hs. v5 hmmm. will see
  8. i've Disabled "no connection" popup & disable "site query certificate " popup. drop files in c / sys / bin. Apply c2zbin patch. or drop files in rofsx.
  9. hope he knows which file is related . I need ths mod too atleast need to know responsonle files.
  10. Thanks to dan-av , coderus , operator_555 , extrax7 , newcooller , dimonp25 , wadowice , fa00000 , I think you forgot to mention.
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