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  1. dont go for xperia miro. it lags most of the times. go for xperia go
  2. ok. I will check and give result tomorrow
  3. no beep. I tried connecting to the both.still failing to boot
  4. When i turn on the cpu the hardware light is on but it is not showing anything on screen. This problem happened before. At that time i removed my ram and inserted again and the pc booted. But now that trick is not working.
  5. My PC is not booting. When i on the cpu, the Cpu starts but fails to boot. Can anyone help me
  6. I'm using a Nokia 5233 with skyfire redefined. I'm not able to play some of mp4 videos which supports in belle. some videos are only having sounds and others are not showing properly
  7. I also want this because my current headphone has low quality
  8. I'm not comparing this with another forums. I just give a suggestion to make it better. If comparing with another i have a lot to say. Check the sd forum. There are many interesting things for s^3 and nice contest but it doesnt have active members. Here it is opposite. There are many active members and modders,
  9. When i joined here i loved this forum because of exciting things like belle hs porting etc. But now there is nothing exciting things here now.
  10. I need Mahir Muhammed in first and third and the letter M in fourth one
  11. Name:Mahir Muhammed One-Liner: I would like to be a partof this Contest which could win me a full licence of Wondershare PDF Converter.
  12. it's not new.it's second. I think my mobo does not support it
  13. I called a nearest technician but he was not able to do. If tomorrow also i'm not able to do i will take it to the place where i bought it
  14. ok. will give you review today our tomorrow
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