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  1. I'm Participating cuz I'm curious about WP as I havent used it Before! Hope I'll Win
  2. Awesomely Helpful +2 PS. Made some Edits
  3. I'm in for the Contest as I'm in need of Good IEMs at this time. What can be better than a Skull Candy
  4. NiharG

    Temple Run

    What ? :\ Tough ??? My Highscore is 1,490,xxx
  5. I dont know Price. The Asus transformer that comes with the keyboard dock is a good one
  6. Asus Transformer All the Way. It doubles as a Laptop too
  7. @Tristar: Those Pics \m/ @Die: Or by using Smudge tool if the watermark is too small.
  8. Awesome I left Symbian. Or I would Have tested. Move to Go Launcher and WidgetLocker Themes
  9. Bio ???/ WTF!!! I fcuked bio, took Comp Science instead
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