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  1. Trigonal https://lh6.ggpht.com/E-LYHZi3mt8JMT9FwhceCIy_9wl2_sJ9DR6H90dc3lz1hrSHBwavsqcLmqdRTXvmC0z4=h310-rw https://lh6.ggpht.com/wir52PwL7mxmEumTH8S4-27edy2eXWaDRunaZbwhVdghjRpTl8kRv8BtPlflS_b6kcc=h310-rw ARX Designs Proudly Presents "Trigonal",A Wallpaper Pack Created to give your Gadgets a Beautiful Makeover HIGHLIGHTS: ? Set of Colorful 13 HD Wallpapers ? Dashboard App for Better Functionality (A Special Thanks to The1dynasty) ? A Set of HD Wallpapers To Give a Refreshing Look? Supports Phones and Tablets? All Walls are 1800x1600 ? Vectorised NOTE: All wallpapers included in this pack are HD at 1800x1600. Wallpapers will Look Great on High Resolution Phones like Galaxy S4,Nexus 5 etc.All wallpapers in this pack are completely designed by myself. Wallpapers are Tested in Nexus 4,you may have different results depending on Resolution. How to use This Pack: -Open "Trigonal" App from Drawer,-Select The Wallpaper you wanna Select,-Apply. DOWNLOAD @Play Store: Trigonal
  2. http://dx.com/p/ainol-novo8-mini-7-85-dual-core-android-4-1-tablet-pc-w-512mb-ram-8gb-dual-camera-otg-white-259368 Ainol is Always My First Choice In terms of Quality,Build and Everything Would Love to Own This Tab. Next Giveaway suggestion: Start a photography contest As Told by Die2mrw007 :D/
  3. Thanks NikShip Glad to Hear So,...
  4. "KitKat" - Just Another Creative Thing By ARX Designs Bored of Using Flat icons ? So here's Something New For You ARX Designs Proudly Presents there Most awaited theme "KitKat",A Theme Inspired from KitKat A Very Well Known Chocolate and Android KitKat ,Fully Designed To Beautify Your Phones,Tablets. Theme Powered by KitKat Design Icon Set ,Numerous of 3rd Party Apps icons with a New Concept Icons neither Flat nor Round HIGHLIGHTS:? MultiLauncher Theme, Supports (APEX/NOVA/ADW/HOLO/ACTION PRO)? Constant UPDATES? A Set of HD Wallpapers To Give a Refreshing Look? 144x144 HD KitKat Icon Set- Just Unique (More will be Added on Your Request,Just E-Mail Me or Contact Through App)? Built in App Which Gives a Better Functionality (A Special Thanks to The1dynasty) ? Numerous of 3rd party Icons.? 6 Icon Backs None of Icon Will Remain Unthemed ? Alternative Icons for Many Apps.? Classy Colors DOWNLOAD @Play Store: KitKat-ARX Designs SOURCE
  5. Now a days battery being the major problem to the smartphone users smartphone does everything but battery performance plays major role here. Well it also depends upon the usage.even I m disappointed with Battery backup of my nexus 4 using 2100mah battery which average performance.for this problem we have extended batteries available in the market which can help users to extend the battery performance by 4x but we must be aware while using this,these cab be dangerous in many situations they may explode due to overheating and etc using an branded and genuine battery will be safe to extend the battery performance.
  6. “LIFE IS FULL OF COLORS” ARX Designs Proudly Presents there Most awaited theme Colors Reborn,A Theme full of Colors which will make your phone look Colorful and Cool. Theme Powered by Redefined Colorful A-Trance Icon Set,Numerous of 3rd Party Apps icons Which Makes this theme Totally Unique..! Beautify your Andro phone with Colors Reborn Pro and Show off to the world HIGHLIGHTS: ?MULTI LAUNCHERS SUPPORT APEX/NOVA/ADW/HOLO ?Constant UPDATES ?4 HD MINIMALIST WALLPAPERS ?AWESOME SET OF ICONS (More will be Added on Your Request) ******************************** To apply the theme go to Your Launcher settings and: Nova Launcher: Nova Settings > Look and feel > Icon Theme >Colors Reborn Apex Launcher: Apex settings > Theme settings > Colors Reborn > Apply ADW Launcher: ADW Settings > Themes > Colors Reborn > Apply Holo Launcher: Appearance Settings >Icon pack > Colors Reborn NOTE: More Icons will be Added Upon Request So,you can always Contact me using email or official facebook Page DOWNLOAD @Play Store: COLORS REBORN SOURCE
  7. More Snaps for this Theme: HERE [email protected] Store: Magic Glowry 1.0 - ARX SOURCE
  8. Once Again ARX-Designs Proudly Presents an New Series of Theme for Nokia Belle from the Variant Surface Pureview i.e. Pureview8 This Theme is Just Made Upon Users Requests with Full Black Clean UI to experience a real Feel of Windows Phone in Symbian Belle Theme Powered by Clean and Pure UI with Awesomeness of New Metro UI,Fully Vector Theme,Lite and Weight (Does not Affect the Performance) too less in Size New Colors of This Theme Makes the Whole UI Look Fresh and Clear . Bright and Crisp Colors Make it look for Cool Available with 4 New Colors:Ruby (Red),Fern (Green), Aqua (Blue),Tangerine (Orange) Choose The One You Like.! [img width=503 height=420] Pureview8 WallPack Buy @ Nokia Store: Aqua (FREE) Ruby Fern Tangerine SOURCE
  9. "Pureview8" Theme itself Speaks The Description Powered by Clean and Pure UI with Awesomeness of New Metro UI,Fully Vector Theme,Lite and Weight (Does not Affect the Performance). NOTE:Theme Does not contain any 3rd Party icons (Due to Problems in Project files) -Folder icons Added. Wallpaper Shown in Snap can be downloaded from the attachments Pureview8 SOURCE
  10. Here's mine 8) Sent from my Defy+ Running 4.1.2
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