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  1. Follow the flashing steps correctly and u can flash ur phone successfully. If ur phone goes dead, u can recover ur phone by flashing with OFW files. So give it a try
  2. Use Belle Shell.. And if you want to make belle shell as the default homescreen then you should check HERE.
  3. That's the light bug and it can be solved by using Mara's light mods. Just search for them in forum you'll find it.
  4. Core contains the ROM part. So flashing without core means ur phone is dead. Just use a repartitioned core and mod the repartitioned rofs2. And flash with both. I hope This Tutorial will help u a lot from clearing ur fundamentals to making ur cfw
  5. rofs1 is present in core.. when u extract the core u'll get rofs n rom... dat rofs is actually the rofs1.. and without that .exe file, ur calculator won't work.
  6. Note the file names and paths. Then open rofs2 and core using Nokia Cooker. And search for the files
  7. You can use Nokia FW Cleaner to extract the calculator files from your OFW. Open the OFW rofs with Nokia FW Cleaner. Then check Calculator. And click "Back Up". Go to the back up folder in the folder where your Nokia FW Cleaner is present. There you can get your calculator files.
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