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Modding tools-All in one place


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                            All the Modding and Firmware Editing tools in one place  ;))

Here i've added all the tools that are needed when it comes to Modding 

1.Navifirm plus

>> Used to download original firmware files

2.Nokia Cooker 3.0

>>NokiaCooker is a PC software reserved to the Cookers, which allows to modify the files containing the phone's firmware to create customized firmwares versions named Cooked-Firmware.

3.Nokia Firmware Editor(NFE)

>>Used to edit and customize firmware files(rofs2 )

4.Nokia Editor Beta7

5.Nokia Firmware Cleaner

>>Used to delete rofs2 built in applications

6.Sis Contents

>>Used to extract Sis files

7.RSC Editor

>>Resource Editor will show the almost strings which store in .rsc file. When save, you can select the option to overwrite original string or not and can be saved as the resource file.

8.Sis Explorer v1.1

>>SISXplorer allows you to Inspect and Extract all the files contained inside the 3rd Edition installation packages.

Using SISXplorer you can:

- Extract all the images from 3rd Edition Themes

- Deeply Inspect the content of each file using the Integrated Hexadecimal Viewer.

And Much More...

9.MBM Converter v1.2

>>MBM Converter is the PC application for open and build mbm file.

10.SVGB to SVG Converter

>>Converts SVGB to SVG format.

11.Mif Maker

>>A mobile application which converts PNG, JPG, JPEG, GIF format to a MIF file .

12.SVG to SVGT Converter

13.Mediabar Editor

>>This tool enables you to edit MediaBar

14.Hex Editor

>>This tool allows u to edit binaries

15.Nokia Qwerty-Keyboard Editor

>>Tool for editing qwerty-keyboards on Symbian9.4(S^1,S^3) devices.

16.Theme Icon Switcher

>>Switch icons from one theme to other with this tool

17. Petran GUI 1.1

>>Used to Edit .dll and .exe files

18.Sis Ware

[(if any tool is Missing, kindly post and it will be added)]

Do comment, Your Posted Image wud be encouraging :P

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