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  1. try re calibrating the battery..theres an app for it..u can search in google play
  2. i will not respond further to this guy..i had it..
  3. lol i love the writing part haha..same situation with my handwriting too
  4. and i also i guess you will end up joining xda dev forum..if you ask silly questions like you do here beware you will be bashed within seconds in xda
  5. i just said the truth..many people here would agree with me..if you buy a phone of that class and you dont even know what OS it runs then i guessed you wont be making much use of it..like owning a bmw and not knowing how to drive..i have nothing against you my friend..you have got an awesome phone in your hands now..use it well..congratzz
  6. you can contact nokia for their source code..symbian is open source since 2010..check ''about phone'' section under phone settings for more details
  7. i assume you have the uda..if u have dont tick factory settings in jaf while flashing and dont hard reset after flash..if you dont have uda then ask cfw creator for the link..hope this helps..
  8. looks like the s3 is about to fall into the wrong hands lolz:P..would definitely have bought it if i had the money
  9. not possible..bootloader for atrix 2 is still locked..that means no custom kernels..and if it was i would have seen it in xda:)..
  10. personally i dont think there is a need for antivirus in android..just eats up more ram..i have been running my phone for two months with no antivirus..no problem for me so far..anyway nice share..+1
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