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  1. Can y any Expert DEV TRY to make a ROM based on stock which is flashable by the stock recovery and a CWM is possible?
  2. Edios i tried,but its not flashable...and one more thing i tried to make recoveries...even a group in Fb tried,but we couldn't succeed
  3. I must say this- V1 is faster and fluid than this..i loved that more than this!
  4. Can you please search?i tried with no luck ..plz search bro..
  5. can we use Canvas A110 recovery image for Canvas A111 Doodle?? i mean i fund this one- http://techzei.com/clockworkmod-recovery-for-micromax-a110-canvas-2/ Can we use that recovery image for Micromax Canvas A111 (Doodle)?? please reply fast.
  6. Bro where must we put the ROM file? or like how to select a particular ROM to flash?
  7. What about flashing it?there's no recovery mod for it :/ any other ways? like a flashing tutorial or something? @Edios can you port it for me?please? Is there any recovery mod for Canvas A111? can we use this mod- http://techzei.com/clockworkmod-recovery-for-micromax-a110-canvas-2/ please reply as soon as possible bro.
  8. Not worth sharing :v - http://prntscr.com/1hkr2z
  9. hello guys,i recently bought a new canvas device.can anyone post some good roms like the cyagonmod to it? Please??...
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