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Belle HS Ported to S60v5 | Free Ram : 50 MB | GizmoLord Exclusive Project.


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I have installed qt in phone

Belle shell and and Your app in C;\

now when i open that app and Belle shell

and press menu key then I homescreen comes for a second only i want to disable it

and feel happy to help

Try this

menu button won't open default menu. For that we must replace in matrixmenu.exe to ngoanrazor's app in starter arm rsc. For that extract his app using extsis and copy the contents of that app to rofs2.  rename replacehs.exe to repla.exe and edit the starter arm.rsc entry of matrixmenu and change to Z:\sys\bin\repla.exe  then on reflashing the cfw default menu wont boot ,so more memory and also on pressing middle button nothing happens

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Guyz I tried with my starter(messed a little in windows 8) what I got: turn off after 10sec same prog. that we got while we were integrating belle shell in core... but good thing is that I got a glimpse of that clock on homescreen before app starts... I can guarantee that modding starter will solve our problem because by just some arrangement we got two diff results.... Guyz stop all other things u were trying to mod and concentrate on starter (edios)..........Atleast I think so correct me if I am wrong...

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