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  1. Hi guys, me again i flashed yesterday girlfriends phone c5-03 with symbian belle 4.1 CFW v23 and everything is fine but now she wants our (serbian) language in phone is posible to put it or not? If is possible can someone send me link with tutorial, thanks
  2. Hi everyone, i just bought Samsung Galaxy Ace 5830i, and this is my first andorid phone . I saw some custom Rom's but can someone help me with tutorial how to root, what is nessesery for flashing, some advice for Roms...and can u suggest me few good roms for this device? I searched on forum and i didnt find tips and tweeks for android, for faster phone... can someone write me? thanks
  3. Is there any battery optimizer, on my phone (5800) battery drain in one day at stand by , how to fix that?
  4. working, phone was in offline mod so belle not compatible with that mod, thanks anyway great cfw
  5. Its installed but in home screen i dont get top bar if u understand me, only in menu
  6. Hi, i just flashed with this cfw and everything is fine but i cant get belle top bar at homescreen, i tick auto start but only have top bar in menu, how to get in homescreen?
  7. Im using 5800 v52.0.007 and how to include rofs3 i flashing, i flashed without rofs3 and phone wont boot
  8. I dont use 5800 anymore, i can reflash it with LTS and see is there any bug, but i test it before tintin release it and i didnt see any bug
  9. RM-356_60.0.003_000_001_U001.uda.fpsx RM-356_60.0.003_prd.rofs2.V20 RM-356_60.0.003_prd.core.c0r but i think this wont work coz the partition size, but try it
  10. I can upload my core it's by PNHT which is working with all CFW's to now, but core version is V52.0.007
  11. LTS rev2 is ported by me, i used nitesh's port C6v41 for 356 v52 edit: size of rofs2 is 113mb typical for v52.0.007
  12. I did it using NSU, u can lock thread, thanks anyway Nitesh +1 for u
  13. Hmm, im now downloading NSU for win7, i will try, i found on nokia site that i need to hard reset phone and then to update... if that dont work i must to do that with phoenix but i dont use phoenix before, can u told me how to use it?
  14. I tried to update software using Nokia Suite and that wasnt succes (connection lost), then i try to flash with jaf, but when i power off phone and connect in via USB phone auto power on and i cant flash, is there any solution for update or not?
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