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Tutorial For Theme Makers


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These's tutorials which i collected to share for you, who want to make theme by urself..

Credits to chungviet.. :-bd

**Download the latest version of Carbide.ui S60 Theme Edition HERE !! **

All previews are for a theme in 176x208px. So if you create a theme in another screensize, then are also other sizes for any new image needed what you want to change. The correct sizes would always shown in the properties window.

Step 1

Create a 'new theme', select basic graphic/ S60 theme, then click on 'Preferences' to select the programs which you want to use to edit bitmaps, vector graphics and sounds..

Posted ImagePosted Image

Step 2

Choose your programs

[img width=451 height=420] 2reiip5.jpg

Step 3

click on 'gallery' to select how much images you want to see on the right site in the preview window, carbide need more time to start if you use to much previews

Posted Image

Step 4

Begin with the background images for the Active and Idle background. Use the correct size, here as example 176x208px for the 3250 or N91, all newest nokia mobiles have 240x320px.

You can use all images per drag and drop.

Posted Image

Step 5

Now change the navi pane if you want. To make them transparent for different background images go to edit/ animate, use new layer and select clear layer for the first.

[img width=507 height=420] 2uijk2r.jpg

**Here an example if you want to use the navipane (size here for a 176x208px theme), the needed size stand always in the properties window**

Posted ImagePosted Image

Step 6

Change the text colour, use a colour which looks nice and works with the theme/ backgrounds

[img width=466 height=420] 29dwvh3.jpg

Step 7

In the colour mode of the mainarea you can change the colour of the status indicators, this colour would also used for the date in the analogue clock

[img width=770 height=378] 2rqykw9.jpg

Step 8

Select and change the colour for the 'Highlighted Items'

[img width=459 height=420] 2gtagy9.jpg

Step 9

The list text colour is the same as the inactive highlights

[img width=661 height=420] 2rqby1i.jpg

Step 10

The colour settings for the softkeys need no illustration.

And here it ends.. :)

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You can add Nokialino team plugin .

Posted Image

Plug in details is here


Download is here


Basic details translated  is below

If you have installed the plugin for N97 you uninstall it because it complements it.

Select the menu Extras 5th Edition and you have a new section elements "New Icon By NokialinoTeam".

In this section there are new items.

The new elements are:

    Mediabar to sue him icone

    Button to add contacts in home

    Contact no picture on the home

    Composition on the home button

    Tasto rubrica in home


    Mediabar Landscape = 444x96 pixel

    Portrait Mediabar = 96x444 pixel

    Icon Mediabar = 77x77 pixel

    Contacts at home = 110x110 pixels

    Keys home = 72x72 pixels

---------------- ----------------

If you already have installed the N97 plugin you must unistall it because this one includes it.

Select "5th Edition Extra" from device menu and you will have the new elements section "Icon By NokialinoTeam".

In this section you'll have the new elements:

    Mediabar icons

    Button to add contact in home

    Contact without photo in home

    Dialing button in home

    Contacts button in home


    Mediabar Landscape = 444x96 pixel

    Portrait Mediabar = 96x444 pixel

    Mediabar = 77x77 pixel icons

    Contacts in home = 110x110 pixel

    Buttons in home = 72x72 pixel

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Hi All

I am using a theme but writing messages is a problem cause the text is black.... Is there a way to change the color of the text to white??

Any response thanks

yea just try clicking on the letters and check the setting it directs u to, there should be colors u can choose for the letter, i have uninstalled it right now so cant give u in details

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