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  1. This application is useful to download play store applications to the pc and run . Trying to extend the trial version to full . Is there any way to extend the trial beyond 10 days? EDIT: Found a way by Hex editing 4 bytes in the .exe file will make you to run youwave for ever.
  2. With the NokiaCooker v 3.2 the repartioning is very easy . The C drive expansion ( With UDA modification ) also can be done easily for 600MHZ models Details are below v3.2 has just been released - New: Partition Manager. It is now possible to repartition the fw and choose the size of ROFS1, ROFS2, ROFS3, UDA. You can even transfer the free ROFS space to the UDA, in order to increase the total available space on c:\ You should not use the Partition Manager on cfw which have been already repartitioned in other ways. - Improved: the copy option in the log window, copies only the selected te
  3. Simple solution Create a CFW by using the latest core and with old version ROFS1 ,ROFS2 ,ROFS3 and UDA files
  4. A simple text clock WRT widget is attached. Tested on my 5800 -c6 CFW. With no knowledge in Java scripting just tried over the scripts available in the internet and configured to my phone. HS widget is not running when the screen lock is on. Clock will update automatically when you unlock the phone . Feel free to alter anything as you wish. Screen shot is below :
  5. Further to the below thread on theme Mod Carbide UI 4.3 to get S^3 theme with SVG icons ( http://forum.gizmolord.com/index.php?topic=4780.0 ) Now 8556 theme elements with Major and Minor ids is attached as Excel sheet . File is attached in .rar and .zip formats. This 8556 elements and the Major& Minor ids are parsed out from aknskindesccompiler_nr.exe , which is compiling the theme skin. Though care has been taken to parse this details please let me know if any any mistakes. Sample Screen shot is below
  6. To get your S^3 themes in SVG icons using Belle FP1 plug in Carbide UI 4.3. Details and files are attached . Logic is this. 1.Belle FP1 plugin uses the SVGTINENCODE.EXE to convert SVG icons to NVG icons for the theme. 2.The syntax used is /v5 for NVG out put and /v1 is for SVGB output. 3.The existing /v5 syntax is changed to /V1 to get SVGB icons.
  7. NVG icons are made from SVG icons only. We can not edit NVG icons but we can edit SVG icons to our taste in the theme and later can be converted to NVG icons as said by you for perfomances. Carbide UI themes will be made of NVG icons only which you can not view and as well as edit. If the themes are in SVG icons we can edit.... One last word.... Now i can make S^3 themes with full SVG icons... ( No NVG icons ) I just opened a thread in this forum for dropdown menu icons with Major and Minor ids enable every one to edit to their taste.
  8. Below is the Major and Minor ids of Belle drop down notification bar elememts. There are 23 elements . First 2 icons / elements are regular ones. With this we can modify the Belle themes. SVG icons are also attached.
  9. can you upload the below. 1. Copy your core to NFE0706 FOLDER , open your core and get the parttab.bin 2.Copy your ROFS2 to anew folder , open it in Nokia cooker , Remove all the files from your ROFS2 . 3.If you have modified anything other than the above upload the files here. Let me check where you have gone wrong... hold on and dont flash your phone again to further damage.
  10. First plan what you are trying to do. Note down your existing sizes of ROFS1 ,ROFS2 AND ROFS3. Just calculate the revised sizes in Mb first, then ib bytes then in HEX values. Use the below excel sheet as a model only to calculate your CFW. Caution : If you wrongly change any values which are not known to you and erased the phone certificates values by mistakes your phone will have to go NC .
  11. Use NFE0706 to open the core you will get parttab.bin in the folder where you have palced your core file. It is the partition table of the core. Where you have to read right to left to get the hex values. By little practice you can identify and parse the details easily
  12. This was started first here only in last September 2011. http://forum.gizmolord.com/index.php?topic=283.0 Now i am working on to expand C drive in CPU 600 Mhz and above phones.... Just completed the files ..will be released after testing.....
  13. Thanks pavan ,rajesh For C5-03 when i looking for 600 Mhz what i have got is 434 Mhz which is similar to 5800.... This is i got from http://bbs.dospy.com/thread-13526437-1-341-3.html.
  14. I was saying that aromat loads romdump and not any rom.img extracted individual .dll or .exe can be opened by Aromat.
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