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  1. Hi all im looking for version 3.0 of this app that works on N8 please.. anyone??
  2. Nice collection... im looking for Clock with small text widget please
  3. Just install netqin and run optimizer now and then to get things running smoother on your mobile....
  4. Hey all WhatsApp v2.7.1 no pop up Again no change log for symbian.... Thank you
  5. Hi Can someone help me out im looking or mod to change the green tick in the attached image from the top of the screen to the middle.... Thanks
  6. Dont know how many members here try new firmwares but take a look at DM forum for this firmware Nokia 5800|RM-356 LITE and HEAVY belle+non-belle the lite version is very fast and good memory management.
  7. Hi all. Are there any members here using this firmware? Getting n8 in two weeks so doing some homework.
  8. Another update is out.. v2.6.97 just waiting for modded version to be done.. And still no change log given by whatsapp inc
  9. Added second modded version to first page.
  10. We all faced that problem bout twenty updates ago lol not laughing @ you... Just grab the latest version and give it a try..
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