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[MODDING TOOL] Navibar Belle Tools


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Navi Bar Belle Tools By Operator_555

Posted Image

1-put all file by babu.rajiv2007 on the fw and repached the rofs2

2-open  Navibar Belle Tools

3-select rofs2 Repached

4-click to start

5-patch finished

This tool will make symbol automatically on all language content on the FW

1. Download the attached archive and extract it in ROFS2.

2. Packs ROFS2.

3. Open just packed ROFS2, I have this "RM-356_60.0.003_prd.rofs2.V05" in HEX-editor.

4. Open "Find and Replace" in HEX-editor.

5. Put in the "Find" the first value in the "Replace with" a second value, and click "Replace All".

For example, to replace the word "function": to find 070812A4C3BDBAC6B8B8, replace 080820E8202020202020.

Repeat the same for the words:


Options: 070812A4C3BDBAC6B8B8 -> 080820E8202020202020

Back: 0506129DB0B7B0B4 -> 060620E120202020

Exit: 05061292CBB9C2B8 -> 06062020E2202020, 061292CBB9C2B8 -> 062020E2202020, 0000000006062020E2202020 -> 0000000005061292CBB9C2B8

Select: 07081292CBB1C0B0C2CC -> 08082020E42020202020

Cancel: 0607129EC2BCB5BDB0 -> 0707202020E5202020

OK: 02024F4B -> 020220E4, 024F004B -> 02E40020

Finish: 06071293BEC2BEB2BE -> 0707202020E4202020

Close: 07081297B0BAC0CBC2CC -> 080820202020E5202020

Yes: 02031294B0 -> 030320E420

No: 0304129DB5C2 -> 0404202020E5

Show: 0809129FBEBAB0B7B0C2CC -> 090920E720202020202020

Hide: 060712A1BAC0CBC2CC -> 07072020202020E920

Length.: 0809129FC0BEB4BEBBB62E -> 090920E020202020202020

Stop: 040512A1C2BEBF -> 0505202020E520

Pay attention! For the words "Exit" and "OK" made a few changes!

6. Save changes and stitched.

Here's how it looks:



I decided to simplify this process. Patcher who did change the HEX value of these for you. Errors can occur if that will correct.

Choose a PPM-ku in the patcher and patch, will result is a picture in the manual:

1. Download the attached archive and extract it in ROFS2.

2. Packs ROFS2.

3. Open just packed ROFS2, a patcher

4. Click the Start button

5. Stitched.


Successful  of use


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Well what we call "Belle Bar" is nothing but renaming of options, menu, exit,back button etc. to uncommon symbols like ~ $ or watever,earlier modders had to open each .r01 file(100s of them) and change their hex values to these symbols , the above program does it itself.

B ut then...wht abt ....Fonts.....???
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