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Nokia Firmware Editor (NFE Std 0.3)


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Nokia FW Editor NFE STD 0.3

This is a new release of NFE with version number 0.3!

Now Cook your own CFWs... Edit rofs2, rofs3 and core!!

Quote from PNHT

In this release, We have added some exciting new features

Posted Image

[img width=551 height=420]http://img403.imageshack.us/img403/3153/capture2f.png

[img width=557 height=420]http://img403.imageshack.us/img403/7379/capture3d.png

New Features:

* SIS STUB Manager: This feature can be accessed inside the "Application Manager". It allows you to delete packages like OpenOffice, AdobeReader etc... without breaking a sweat!! All you need to do is to Extract your Repartitioned ROFS2 File, then open the Application Manager and goto SIS STUB Manager then Select the package you want to delete it and press the "Delete" button!!

!! This Addon works only on a partitioned ROFS2 File, like released C6 files by PNHT or derivatives. !!

* File Hider: This features allow to hide files in ROFS or ROM! Example: To hide a file in ROFS1 you do the following: Extract ROFS2 or ROFS3, open the File Hider and add the entry of the file \private\10207114\import\200039EF\200039EF.skn, Save and Repack your Firmware! That's all. This feature does not create Dummy files. It adds special entries to the built ROFS to hide the files.

Entires can be Manully added or by importing an ROFS file using the "Add ROFS" button.


* New Search Engine: The search engine has been powered with a more powerful syntax. The ? and Range [ ] wildcards has been added with a possible combination of all of them. Example:

*.r?*: Return all *.r files with a

*.r0[1-5]: Return all *.r*1 to .r*5 files (ex: *.r01, *.r03, *.r15 etc...)

*.r0[!1-5]: Return all *.r* files, except the ones in range 1-5

*.o???01: Return any result with file extension starting with o, having 3 characters and ending with 01 ex: *.o12301

* Enhancement to the Language Manager

* Several Fixes

* ...

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+1 for awesome post i have one question regarding nfe though it takes a few seconds to extract/reload or repack firmware but at times i get error insufficient sysetem resource exists to complete the operation (may not be exact wording) and i have a bad habit of working with hd video songs playing in background minimized and sometimes conversions on mediaEspresso does it need to be run as a single task ? using windows 7 32bit pentium [email protected] 4gb ddr2 ram @900mhz 250+500Gb hdd is hardware slow for it ?

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