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  1. I don't remember anything now, U can ask for help from die2mrw
  2. Ovi Maps are removed and instead of it Google Maps are added, and there is no bug of Camera Sorry for late reply but the file is nhdcamerasettings.r01 Nokia x6 port is fine, and is tested
  3. Extras: Nokia 5233 and Nokia 5230 ringtones: Click Here (These ringtones were by mistake removed from rofs2 You can use these by placing these in C:\ or E:\) Velocity Wallpaper Pack: Click Here (Some good Wallpapers for Velocity) Nokia 5800 CORE(v60.0.003): Click Here Velocity N97^2 Rofs2: Click Here (Thanks to Dj_cool(Deep Jyoti Bhuyan) for beta testing and verifying the cfw) Nokia X6 CORE(v40.0.002): Click Here Velocity N97^2 Rofs2: Click Here Nokia 5233 CORE(V51.1.002): Click Here Velocity N97^2 Rofs2: Click Here (Thanks to PalikOn and Jayant Chhangani
  4. Please Note: 1. Before Flashing please delete folders Private, Data, Resource, cities, Sys, System and any other folders from Memory Card which are not used by you. 2. After successful flashing, wait for sometime till all the widgets gets loaded to the Homescreen. 3. Vibration in call is enabled by default. 4. Better to apply Installserver v1.7 Patch.
  5. After the huge demand, delay, problems, etc etc, I have finally managed to release the most awaited CFW Velocity N97^2 CFW Creator: Gaurav619 Current CFW : Velocity N97^2 Previous CFW : Velocity^1 Supported RM's : RM-356, RM-504, RM-588, RM-625, RM-559 Base Firmware : N97v30.0.004 Languages Present : English Only PNHT Mods and Resources : CODeRUS,dan-av,mara-, die2mrw007,binh24 A big thanks to PalikOn for helping me in Velocity N97^2 [img width=236 height=420] [img width=236 height=420] [img width=236 height=420] [img width=236 height=420] [im
  6. Hey except binh who else make N97v30 port for Nokia 5800?
  7. okey, LOL I will change my green lens to red one Blue one reserved for future but camera fix ?
  8. You right , Nokia 5233's camera is much better than this
  9. An camera fix or something like that, that should make Nokia 5800's camera crystal clear and no already in use error , zoom in and out by volume keys
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