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Petran GUI 1.1


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"Petran GUI" - is a graphical add-on console application "petran"

and allows you to extract/pack exe and dll files Symbian


"Open" button allows you to download the program files for work,

but better to just drag the files you want with the mouse in the window.

"Clear" button clears the list of files.

The button "Unpacked" starts the process of extracting the files.

Button "Packed" starts the process of packaging files.

The button "Options" opens a window with the settings in the program.

The Cancel button interrupts the unpacking/packing files.



Compression method: I do not know which method is better, but "daflate" strongly compresses files

Work with the files directly: the files will be about packing/unpack directly, without

moving to a folder packed and unpacked.

Clear the list after work: after unpacking / packing files list of files will be cleared.

Interface language: select language of the program. List taken from the folder lang and may be supplemented by yourself.

Number of threads: input the number of concurrent processing threads files.

Can speed up the packing \ unpacking files. Best value is determined

experimentally, but even with 2 streams noticeable performance improvements over

with 1 thread.



Version 1.1

- Fixed bug when extracting the last file has not yet completed, and the message "Done!" already appeared.

- Added multi-threading for faster processing of large numbers of files. In the settings you can enter the number of threads.

- After work or after its termination is displayed elapsed time in operation in minutes and seconds


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Some more information's about petran. This tool is used in compressing the .exe and .dll files to reduce the size of the files . This will help the phone maker to accommodate  more files in the given less space. To edit the .exe or .dll using any other tool it needs to be decompressed. Hence the same tool used to decompress the file. Petran tool is available in all Symbian SDK. The tool is located in at epoc32\tools\Petran.exe. Works on CMD prompts. Compression methods BYTE PAIR 102822AA -All  Nokia .Exe , .dll are in this format. DEFLATE 101F7AFC - Third party application .Exe , .dll are in this format. You can check the type of compression used using Epocid tool.   compression method None The files are not compressed. This is equivalent to using the uncompressed keyword. Note: The uncompressed keyword, when specified, takes precedence over any compression method. Inflate Compresses executable files using the default (Deflate, Huffman+LZ77) algorithm. Bytepair Compresses executable files using the bytepair algorithm. Bytepair compression allows faster decompression than the default Deflate, Huffman+LZ77 algorithm and supports demand paging by performing compression and decompression of code in independent 4KB pages. Other uses of Petran are below . We can use CMD prompts to get all the details . PETRAN - PE file preprocessor V02.01 (Build 596) Copyright © 1996-2008 Symbian Software Ltd. Syntax: petran.exe [options] inputfile outputfile         petran.exe [options] e32imagefile option: [-v] [[-no]call[entrypoint]] [-priority <priority>]         [-stack <size>] [-heap <min> <max>] [-uid<n> <uid>]         [-allowdlldata] [-datalinkaddress <base>] [-fixed] [-moving]         [-align-const-section] [-const-section-address-mask <mask>]         [-[no]compress] [-compressionmethod none|deflate|bytepair]         [-capability "<list>"] [-version M.m] [-vid <id>]         [-fpu <softvfp|vfpv2>] [-[default|un]paged]         [-debuggable]         [-sym_name_lkup]         [-dump [h][c][d][e]] flags for dump: h Header                 s Security info                 c Code section                 d Data section                 e Export info                 i Import table    

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