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[Font Mod] Smiley's in 6th Page v2 Released !!! [3/10/11]


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From Many days i and my friends waiting for Smiley support in WhatsApp but you know there are not much improvements in it, so our Friend arpit982 Designed some smiley's for 6 Page Symbol mod , and srgudhka Edited/Modified Fonts.it will replace symbol's of 6th Page with Smiley's .

v2 Features :

1.More Smiley's added to 6th Page

2.Some Extra smileys e.g Troll Face,Forever Alone,LOL Face etc. added to 4th Page ;D

Instructions :

1.you can use it directly without flashing ,just drop it in E:/resource/fonts and restart your Phone.

or you can add it to to rofs2 and flash .

Right now we have 2 Fonts which supports these smiley's :

1. S^3 Font

2. Pure Font

Screenshot :

Posted Image  [img width=236 height=420] Scr000008.jpg

Credits :

6 Page Symbol Mod : Drigz

Designed & Modified by : arpit982 , srgudhka

Tested and Approved by : b4b4.4l1,GamerVC007,PrinceRM

v2 Pure Font : http://www.multiupload.com/SIQQQ7SOZ5

v2 S^3 Font : http://www.multiupload.com/2K5U4RGVWC

Enjoy ;)

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hey please let me know whats the use of the extra symbols, cause my other friends using android and iphone dont get the symbols viewed n their phones...

they wont get it cause the dont have these fonts. phones with these fonts installed will only be able to see the extra symbols. likewise if u are using whatsapp you wont get the smileys sent by blackberry,android and iphone instead it will show blank box.
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