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[ROMS] Pantech Burst Custom Roms


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Developer support is very less in pantech burst and thats why the no. of roms available for it is also very less  :sad: But Still I'm sharing all the roms available with download links personally verified by me . ( Sorry I can't upload all . My speed isn't that good . But will try :wink:  )

:::For best results follow these installation Instructions :::

-First of all , If In case Any loss happened Neither the Dev team or me is responsible for that . Though Nothing should happen 99.9% .
-Boot into CWM Recovery . Either 5.x or 6.x ( by Attn1 one [Preferred]) . Everything will be safe . Don't believe in any myths of cwm 6.x is dangerous and all . For reference -> These recoveries are one my self tested . 
-Clear Wipe Data / Factory reset and clear dalvik cache from advance menu .
-Install from SD/EXT-Sd ( Where you put simply select that one)
-Choose zip and confirm action .
-Reboot .


Gizmolord v4.0

Uniquely Named 3.1  Thanks to user cfmusicman for uploading on a safe server)

Stock Lite 1.0

Davempers ICS

Davepmer Deodex ICS 1.0 ( those that want to change the themes)

GaBuzz ICS 1.0


[ROM][PORT]Cyanogen Mod 9 For Pantech Burst


Cyanogenmod10 (CM10)

AOKP JB 4.1.2

Paranoid JB

[PORT] MIUI v4 Based on JB 4.1.2 -- Latest one ( Screenshots )


[PORT] MIUI v5 (3.9.6) Based on JB 4.1.2 ^Better than this . 



[PORT] MIUI 2.x Based on JB 4.1.2

SlimBean 3.10 JB 4.1.2

[PORT]Touchwiz Taste JB 4.1.2



                                                                                            KITKAT SOURCE BUILDS/PORTS


CM11 And new recoveries 


INDEX: [iNDEX] Everything For Pantech Burst
DISCUSSION : Offcial Pantech Burst discussion thread
ESSENTIALS :[TUTORIAL] [Root]Pantech burst
[TUTORIAL] ClockWork Recovery Mod For Pantech Burst
ROMS: [ROMS] Pantech Burst Custom Roms
Stock firmwares : [stock ROMS] Pantech Burst all stock  Roms
Source Build Guides : [TUTORIAL] Compile Unoffcial Paranoid For Pantech burst
[TUTORIAL] Compile Unofficial CyanogenMod 10 for Pantech Burst
[TUTORIAL] Compile Unofficial AOKP for Pantech Burst
[TUTORIAL] Compile Unoffical AOSP ICS for Pantech Burst ( Codeaurora )
MODS/TWEAKS  : [TUTORIAL] How to Unlock Bootlaoder in Pantech burst
Miscellaneous : [TUTORIAL] Going Back To Gingerbread in Pantech Burst
[TUTORIAL] How to Make your pantech Burst recognizable
[TUTORIAL] How to remove All At&T Default apps/Bloatware from Pantech Burst
[TUTORIAL] 2G / 3G Toggle for Pantech Burst
[TUTORIAL] Unlock AT&T Pantech Burst

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My first post in this forum.

Has anyone of above has changed their dialer instead of stock ones. It would really appreciable

I have been changing roms for the dialer only.


Chandrakant B

Welcome to GL . And Gizmolord 3.0 A has AOSP one . I recommend to use Gizmolord 3.0 B ! . It got the stock dialer just themed .
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first one and davempers. Uniquely named 3.1 got xloud that makes sound crap at full volume else its best and davempers ICS and stocklite is on tie. My own custom ROM will be best in those which is Coming soon :D

heyy i am a little bit of a noob but i installed davempers rom and it all went well .... so the reason why i installed it because it said on the website cwmrecovery that i could switch the themes so i assumed theme chooser themes i installed and it said rom is not deodexed
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