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  1. Here you go: Imei: 0128640xx532168 Unlock code : 89552077 Slimmer burst here... (m) -CrackUC
  2. Just use it, credit will change at every login... Slimmer burst here... (m)
  3. Yeah, truly said... Gsm-forum have many engineers. You can look out if you need cheaper tools. Flowed from Burst !
  4. Latest cynanogen mod or slimbean is best and yes tether works in it Flowed from Burst !
  5. I can say slimbean has the best sound, even it doesnt have any dsp or equalizer installed. Flowed from Burst !
  6. I don't understand why u guys always pull up battery in mid session. It should be bricked but try android tool to reset or boot into bootloader. First try vol+ + vol - + off button while device is powered off. If got inside menu then use updater tool. Flowed from Burst !
  7. Isnt that qpst app in Korean or mandarian ??? Flowed from Burst !
  8. Yup i guess its dead. U shouldn't have removed the battery at that time. Try android tool and from that try booting into fastboot bootloader mode. Flowed from Burst !
  9. I dont have any vibration to hardware keys. Tap'd from burst
  10. Just flash the gapps for jellybean package.... Tap'd from burst
  11. Yes you can, You have to pull framework.res and system UI from ur system and change whatever u want on uot kitchen (Online). Push back / overwrite the modified ui and framwork.. Restart. If u dont understand the above then don't try it, cause process is littile bit tough + risky and u dont have required skills. Instead try CM10 or slimbean Rom to get theme support and awsome themes. (SlimBean recomended) CM10 based Roms they are. Tap'd from burst
  12. I am using it. I am liking it better then cm10 no freezes in apps settings... + wifi Tethering works gud. Awesome job by devs. Tap'd from burst
  13. Not bieng rude but can u name some of basic android??? Swiped from Burst
  14. First of all let me clear very basic most of the guy here doesn't seem to understand... Some people say its very heavy game and won't run on s60 v5 they are completely wrong.!!! PsP aka playstation portable have a cpu of 333Mhz and run those games very fine. The point is game's physics, s60v5 doesn't provide such high level physics display, so you cant even use a emulator. However u can emulate some of the ps1 games and those run with playable fps. Since i have left my S60v5 a long way behind, I even don't remember the very good of it. I do know Symbian was milestone in our gadget life but now i consider and will recommend android to anyone getting a new handset. Swiped from Burst
  15. Using CM10, reboots are not happening with me. Hope u have followed the instructions during flashing. Btw i only had a problem of sudden freeze in app setting.Thats all i dont use wifi Tethering so that was also not noticeable Swiped from Burst
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