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New RM-523x/C6/X6/356/551/588/559/625/684/504 SkyFire Redefined On >N97< Updated

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??? Official SkyFire Redefined Thread ???

Announcement : Do Not Download Nokia 5250 (RM-684) As Itz Faulty.... Will Soon Try To Fix it...

RAM Boost upgrade Will Soon Come .... May be A Month... ;D

Posted Image


Posted Image















Pavan061994 [Myself] (Team Phoe^niX Leader & SkyFire Belle Creator) :P

Beta-Testing Team:


[email protected]









& ampugemo

Special Thanks to:

Binh24 For His Latest N97 Port

ToPaz (Extreme Modder)

Aeronliru (QWERTY Fix)

Die2mrw007 (Our Inspiration)

(All Gizmolord Members)

Apex666(Best Modder Ever)

(All Daily Mobiles Members)

Drakulaboy (Awsome Modder)

DJRaz (Exclusive Creativity Modder)

If anybody remained,Please PM me I will love to add it  :D

Posted Image


This Video Credits Goes To : Navratn123


SkyFire Supports Following RMs :

RM-356 |RM-551|RM-559|RM-588|RM-625|RM-684|RM-504|RM-612|RM-624|

RM-555|RM-505|<<(Work Under Progress) May be available After 10-7-2012

-:: Summary ::-

This is a New Upgrade To SkyFire Belle CFW which is Now more Better in Performance and Good Looking CFW based On N97v30 (Binh24s Port) Which has All New Features Like QT FIX, No Smart Installer Error, All New Themes, A Closer Look To Belle OS and With Dolby Sound Effect…..

Hope You Will Like The new feature-rich SkyFire!

$$ Performance:$$

--Auto RAM Cache Management

--Smooth User Interface & Fast, Quick and Stable performance.

--Rectified Nearly  Total Major System files.

--All Drives will load System Cache & With Increased Capacity

--High Frame Rates per Second for Gaming and running Applications Smoothly

--Increased & Stabalised Battery Life [We got 27 Hours when Testing and Heavy Loading!] 

--Improved Rotation.

$$ General Modifications: $$

--Nokia Suite In The USB Mode Instead of Ovi Suite

--No vibration while Locking and Locking using the Side Key.

--Tapping controls Added.

--Java Permissions Fixed.

--Widgets Security is now Disabled. 

--Ovi Contacts Completely removed and Disabled.

--Tap to Unlock Added with working Notifications.

--Press and Hold '0' to Launch Killme.

--BT Headset Bug is now Fixed for N97 v30 Ports! [Credits To Devilyazden]

$$ Miscellaneous: $$

--5 Different Theme Effects Added in ChangeFX For Easy Use :D

--Multi language fix [use SkyFire in your language—Credits To Aeronliru].

--Swipe Homescreen to get all widgets cleared.

--Message tone 4 selected as default.

--Theme Effects are ON by default.

--Rotation is ON.

--General profile renamed to 'SkyFire'.[As CFW Signature :D]

$$Internet and Browsing: $$

--[Exclusive] New Latest SkyFire Browser

--Browser Cache size increased to 32 MB.

--Browser Cache Drive changed to E:\ .

--Bookmarks edited.

$$ Menu: $$

--Belle MatrixMenu (No More Folders Now!)

--MenuSwup Added [Choose ur Own Grid Menu]

--Themes and Profile now show in the menu.

--Extended Menu mod added.

--Center text added(For Non-Belle)

--2x6 Symbian 3 Layout in Landscape.

--Options Menu pops up everytime Headset/Headphone is connected [Credits To djraz].

--No Scroll Bar mod>> Thanks to: Drakulaboy.

$$ Graphics: $$

--Custom Boot/Shutdown animation locations -








--Transparent Shortcuts Bar[No Transparent Themes Req.]

--Custom Splashscreen Mod Added [use Your Own Splash]

--Custom Menu Busy Circle [Gridroot].

--Elegant Theme Effects [Fast and Good-looking!] (Credits To Gagan)

--Colourful Anna Icons [Exclusive]>> Thanks to: Binh24 

--Belle NaviBar Fixed With Symbols! [Exclusive]>> Thanks to: n0tr3v3

--New Smilies in Messaging.


$$ Media and Music: $$

--Music Player Harvesting Speed Optimized

--Nokia 808 Pure Audio Codecs Added [Exclusive]

--Dolby Sound Effect [Exclusive]

--Symbian Belle Equalizer

--4 more equalisers added to Music Player.

--Radio RDS fixed. Listen to your local Radio.

--Music Player reads only E:\Music Folder,So, Move all your Music to E:\Music folder.

--RealPlayer Added to Videos & TV menu [Videos HS] [Exclusive]

--Mpeg Codecs added! [Exclusive]

--TTPod Latest Version Added.

$$ Gallery: $$

--Gallery contains Delete Button in Place of Share Online.

--Gallery speed mod [Load Galleries faster]. [Exclusive]

--Gallery won't search "Distro" and "Wallpapers" Folders

--Photos App 1.0.1 by RKY added.

$$ Messaging: $$

--More pages of characters in the Symbols page. Press star in messaging to see.

--Smilies changed!  Check the screenshots.

--Smiley size increased!

--Removed Messaging lag completely!

--Conversations app added to Messaging.

--Added Conversation to Messaging

$$Fonts: $$

--Font Changer App Added-Now Change Your Fonts As Per Your Choice ?

--Nokia Pure Bold fonts by n0tr3v3 (Default)

--Smiley Size highly Increased.

$$ Keyboard: $$

--Auto Rotate Keyboard [Alphanumeric to Qwerty]

--C5-03 Qwerty icons Added.

--Alphanumeric Keyboard Layout Changed>> Thanks to: Dan-Av and New-Cooller.

--N8 Qwerty Layout>>Thanks to: Dan-Av and New-Cooller.

--3 Row Qwerty Keyboard Layout [Numbers to the top].

$$ Date and Time: $$

--Analogue Clock set as default.

--Clock is now 12 Hour format.

--Date is DD-MM-YYYY format.

--Belle Clock in 2 Varients Added....

$$ Lights and Keyguard: $$

--Light mods v3 by mara- and binh24 Fixed

--Key Lights normal behaviour by Dan-av

--Light settings configured as:

>> 15 seconds - Lights will dim.

>>25 seconds - Lights out.

  >>15 seconds - Lock! [Keyguard].

--Lights when wired Headset/Headphone is connected. [screen will Light up].

--Breathing light on by default.

--Auto-Keyguard adjustment option added to Settings.

$$ Changes in N97 Port: $$

--Notification Pop-ups Disabled

--Calling UI and Ringing Tone Fixed.

--Topbar Optimized With Exceptions

--Rearranged the Menu in Belle Style

--Fixed all N97 Light bugs

--DzMusic Keys Button Fix

--BT Headset Bug Fixed!! [ThX To Devilyazden] 

$$ Exclusive & New Attractions $$

--Belle Version With 4 Different Soft Keys

--Belle TOP BAR Set as Default

--Dolby Effects MOD [Exclusive]

--5 Different Effects PKG Added To ChangeFX

--All Drives(C|D|E|F|Z) Are Shown in Default File Manager

--QT Fixed—Just Install QT Perfect From Downloads(Not Integrated In ROFS2 Nor UDA)

--Nokia 808 Pure View Codecs Added

--New Options In Left Side Option Softkeys (For NON-Belle)

--Belle Clock Added In UDA(Not In Startup)

--Font Changer App Added-Now Change Fonts Within Phone [Exclusive]

--ThemeFX Changer-Change Theme Effects in just 3 Clicks [Exclusive]

--Belle Music Player(Graphics) [Exclusive]

--Call Vibration & Swiping Improved (Now No Stopping Of Ringtone )

## Apps Added$$


--Autoinstaller [PNHT]


--RomPatcher+ v3.1

--DM to .SIS Converter

--Installserver patch v1.4 by Vova1989

$$Apps Removed$$


--My Nokia


--Phone Switch (In Newer RMs)

--Message Reader(We have Better Alternate than This)

--Voice Commands

--OVI Contacts

--Ovi sync

--Search + Podcasting

--BT Switch+BT Receiver

!!!!!Hope You Will Enjoy SkyFire !!!!!!

>>>Topic Title corrected as per naming conventions of CFW's


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Posted Image

^^ Click Big Download Button For Downloading ^^

If u wanna Know how to Get SkyFire Redefined on Your Phone, Just Follow this: Video by Navratn123


Important Announcement : Click Here For New Update For SkyFire

1st User Varient : Credits To: casseer15 =For RM-588

MediaFire Mirrors Here Credits To:contact.er.chandan


Follow These Steps to get a neat And bugless CFW

--Use of Proper Core|ROFS2|ROFS3|UDA is mandatory. (ROFS3 Included for only RM-356 & RM-555)

-- U may have to Rename your ROFS2 according to Core.....

--Use Core File From “Core” Folder & ROFS2 from “ROFS2 and UDA From “UDA"Folder Only

--In Belle Varient,Some OK are not Symbolised,So Use This To Patch The ROFS2 (Credits To ToPaz)

--Hard Reset Your Phone Before Flash By *#7370#

--Delete “ Boot|Private|SYS|System|Resource” From MMC /Mass Storage Before Flash

--For Flashing Guides, Check This

--Don’t Tick Factory Reset in JAF Or Phoenix & Don’t Do Hard Reset After Flashing.

--For any problems or assistance, kindly report in the thread.

--Check the 'After Flashing' Instructions below to ensure no bugs whatsoever.

--If your confused on which Varient to choose, we recommend you go for the N97 port, Non-Belle bar variant; If you are a newbie. Or ask in the thread.

For all those who have problem with the 'X' mark, kindly read the FAQ.

Non-Belle version not posted for your RM Type? Use Use This and copy everything to rofs2 and flash. This should remove the Belle Symbols. Credits to Droidz for posting!

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$$ Refer This Tutorial For Flashing Skyfire : Flashing With JAF



If you use New Core v52.0.101, you won't be able to downgrade to v52.0.007 again. You will always have to use the newer version.

If You Getting 'X' Mark At Bootup.... Then Simply :

1) Turn On All Patches From ROM Patcher+

2) Copy and Paste = Z:\resource\apps\splashscreen.mif  To C:\resource\apps\splashscreen.mif  &

                                Z:\resource\apps\Sysap.mif    To C:\resource\apps\Sysap.mif

                                With the help of X-plore Or Inbuilt Nokia Browser

-:: Instructions To be Followed After Flashing ::-

--Do Not Touch The Touch Screen & Any Physical Keys Until You Get to Date & Time Settings (Or you will loose the Startup Sounds Permanently)

--Never-Ever Touch Screen or Any Physical Keys When Phone is Booting

--Wait For The Widgets To be loaded

--Auto Installer Will Take 6 Minutes For Installation

--Then Install Your Defined Apps and Then Reboot!!

--Turn On The All Patches From ROM Patcher+ and Add to Auto

--Install The OVI Store

--Install QT From Here

--Generate The C2Z Patch By This Tutorial To Enjoy Changing Theme Effects in Just 3 Clicks :D

-- Now Set up Your Phone .... :)

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:D SkyFire Exclusive Themes in 4-5 Different Icon Sets :D [Credits to Divyam2011]

Posted Image

:D Exclusive QT Fix For All CFWs + Maps + Notification Related Apps Fixed Completely :D

Posted Image

Additional Language Packs For SkyFire With Tutorial

Bluetooth Headset Fix By Devilyazden

SkyFire Belle Navibar With Latest Symbols Optimized

Try Out New & Different Kinetic Scrollings

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Posted Image

There is no Bugs Present In Skyfire As Per my knowledge...As I m Myself Using it on My X6 ......So.....U may See Some Odd/Different Things  like :

$$ If your Startup & Shutdown Sounds Gone : Turn On Warning Tones From SkyFire Profile..... :D

$$ No Tabs in Portrait Mode << Use FAQ (3) if u want tht

$$ No Send Button+ Contacts+Content Adder In Messaging<<< Use FAQ (3) if u want tht

$$"Phone" Not opening in Settings...May be Becoz Of C2Z patch....

$$ Light Dimness Added...If Not...u may Have Light App

$$ Double-Double Naming On Belle Topbar.....

$$ Dont Use Nokia Suite to Update any of Apps...Or FW,....Becoz.. itzz For Just Show Off.... ;P


1)If I wanna use 4 ROW QWERTY KB = Use this In Rofs2

2)If I wanna use Slide To Unlock in SkyFire : Use this As Different Skins & Use This For Full Slide To Unlock

3)If I wanna Retain back All indicators : Use this in ROFS2

4)If I wanna VoiceCommands back then Use this and Edit Starter_non_critical.rsc

5)If I wanna Change Profile Name From SkyFire to General : Use This

6)If I wanna Message Reader in SkyFire : Use this in ROFS2

7)If I had Accidently Formatted Your Phone and lost the FlipFont : Install This & Extract Appropriate Font Files To C:\data\Flipfont

8)If I had lost Deskclock : Install This on C

9)I m observing some changes like : No Mini Tool Pad in Portrait Messaging / Tabs Are Hidden in Portrait But Visible in landscape / In Calling...Background Doesn't get Cleared???

Answer = SkyFire Uses Avkon.dll From rrgrrg .....Which is Modded to Perform Above Functions.....Itzz Not Bugs ...They Are Modifications.

10)I m observing Double-Double Apps name and Some Tabs Name in Belle Topbar ???

Answer = It is Due to Transparent Skin....you may use any Topbar Skin By Doing this :

$$ Turn Off Belle Topbar From Going To Menu

$$Putting Desired Skin Files ,For E.g, Belle_icons.mif and SkinSettings.txt Under  C:\Data\Belle_Topbar\Default\    and Overwrite The Files..... :D

11)How To Run Auto Installer if i want to ???

Answer = AI : Auto Installer by PNHT doesn't have any Icon in menu....

So,Put Your Files to  E:\PNHT\C\ OR  E:\PNHT\E\    << As per your Requirement then

Delete The AI.TXT from C:\Data\

& Then Reboot....!!!!

12)I m not Getting Dolby Effects??

Answer : In Music Player, Go to>>Settings>>Dolby Headphone

13)How to Enable Belle Clock As Shown In Screenies??

Answer : Go to Menu>>At Last >>Choose 'Clock' [Orange Coloured Icon Clock]>>>Choose Your Style...>>>Set it :D

14)How To Change Fonts Within Phone Included App???

Answer : Go to Menu>>> Choose "FlipFont">>>Choose your Font>>>Set and Reboot :

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This is Update to SkyFire With Latest Bug Fixes and New Modifications :

Posted Image

Posted Image

Instructions :

>>Download SFR Update from Given Below Link

>>Get Respective Files = Belle Or Non-Belle

>>Open Your ROFS2 With the help of NFE 0.3 or Cooker... (We Recommend NFE 0.3)

>>Put the Files in ROFS2 From Respective Folder [belle OR Non-Belle]

>>Put any other MOD from Post if any Like Light Bug....[Optional]


>>Flash With CORE and Rebuilt or Repacked ROFS2.


If u getting "Generated image size is greater than partition size. Don't flash it to phone!" Then :

>> Remove Useless apps From CFW by Using Nokia FW Cleaner

>>Delete Walls From Data\Skyfire or Wallpapers From ROFS2

>>Also U may Delete Some Apps From Data\ AIC Or AI Folders From ROFS2

Short Video Tutorial For Updating Process- Credits to Navratn123:


Links For SFR Update v 0.1

RM-625 Bug Light Fixes [Optional]

FAQ On how to run CNN like Live widgets on HS

Changelog in SFR Update Link Attached.

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Finally.....Awesome man :)

But can u explain this: "[Exclusive] Skyfire Browser"

You made a browser app? :-O

EDIT: and also is it compulsory to use the CORE you provided? You messed with CORE too?  :troll:

lol...i have not made browser....but  twekd it for more ise with cache...and advanced touch sense ui...... :D

and i have not messed in core....only rofs2 and uda r edited...

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BTW A Suggestion:

You should modify the Title of thread...Try mentioning the RM's in the title..

It will help users :) and frankly speaking it worked with Equilibrium thread and we got more people looking in the thread..(talking about Members and Guests) :troll:

lollol.....will try if dont get much response....

Thx for suggrstion

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