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[Tutorial] Making your own language for Belle Shell

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Hello Guys! Belle Shell is the most awesome app made for s60v5 letting us use Belle estructure as default desktop/menu. If your language is another than english, you can translate it, just opening files and writing. All files needed to translate can be opened via notepad, but you need open it with Notepad++ if your language use accents, etc. How to: Open Belle Shell .sis with SISContents and extract these files: FolderSelectionDialog.qml ImageSelPage.qml main.qml MenuContent.qml MenuFolderDialog.qml MenuFolderIconDialog.qml MenuPage.qml NotificationBar.qml PageControl.qml SettingsDialog.qml TaskManDialog.qml Now, just open each file with notepad and edit text strings between "". Some strings is not for translate, so search for strings you can see on app. In case your language use accents, you need use Notepad++ and change Encode to UTF-8 in menu > Encoding > Encode in UTF-8. If you already translated, just CTRL+A, CTRL+C, change encode (note some strings will now "bug" your accents), so just paste again. Is better to translate in Notepad++ too because this program format text for better understanding. After all files translated, just go to Content tab of SISContent, click Edit... and upgrade each file translated. Save the new sis file and install on your phone. Note: This removes app signature, so you need to sign again, enable InstallServer patch on RomPatcher or your fw need to be hacked. Anyway, sorry for my bad english and +1 if you liked it. Thank you! ^^

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