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  1. Not yet. The menu still not updatable and now we getting a bug with menu button.
  2. Because menu key is now of Belle Shell, so the app don't accept open another app (slide). It is like "i'm the boss here, menu button is mine!!!". lol
  3. I tested this version and I liked so much, I can open any heavy app like Fmobi and neither was closed by system. But I found a bug you can't unlock phone when press menu key, only by turn off key, when you set to capture hardware keys. The developer knows this bug and some others (i don't know what) and will come fix and more resources in the next released next month.
  4. Hello Guys! Belle Shell is the most awesome app made for s60v5 letting us use Belle estructure as default desktop/menu. If your language is another than english, you can translate it, just opening files and writing. All files needed to translate can be opened via notepad, but you need open it with Notepad++ if your language use accents, etc. How to: Open Belle Shell .sis with SISContents and extract these files: FolderSelectionDialog.qml ImageSelPage.qml main.qml MenuContent.qml MenuFolderDialog.qml MenuFolderIconDialog.qml MenuPage.qml NotificationBar.qml PageControl.qml SettingsDialog.qm
  5. Oh, sure! Thanks, reported! Now let's forget that, focus on the cool news
  6. Hey guys, some good news for all! I received today a new email from app developer, he said Belle Shell 1.5 has been released and ready for download at Nokia Store! See message: So, we can wait upcoming features in Belle Shell 2.0! Don't forget to buy the new version in here. Please, support this work! This is the one of few developers yet working for s60v5! Thank you!
  7. Hi everyone! Sorry for away for long time. I got some news about Belle Shell Development. I sent an email to developer requesting news and i got a reply. See it: Now we need to wait. I agree with that. Notifications and more widgets is important, but we can wait a bit, because developer mind is to make the 2nd version the really first one. Comment! ^^
  8. I think we need to work together to create a new cfw based on ofw (to get less bugs). This cfw need to be super fast with all mods possible to make fast and useful. So we need to wait Belle Shell v2 and contact developer to talk about that. I think we can also get a exclusive edition of Belle Shell, properly to cfw. But for this works, we need to sell cfw a bit more than the app on Nokia Store so I think developer can accept (why not??). In other case, I think we don't need to do things to be more best than others forums. Let's work together, it's sufficient! My english is so bad, but I hop
  9. And giving the money to...? By the way, I think we need to wait v2 of Belle Shell.
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