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[Poll]Which Cfw and HS U Prefer???


Which Hs or Cfw u prefer???Give Reason Also.....  

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  1. 1. Which Hs or Cfw u prefer???Give Reason Also.....

    • I Prefer C6 Widgetised Ported Cfws.
    • I Prefer N97 Widgetised Ported Cfws.
    • I Prefer Ofw based Cfws.
    • I Prefer Ofw based cfws with Tsunami HS.
    • Other.

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OFW based CFW is all time best in all things...

just matrixmenu.exe is plus point in C6...

if matrixmenu.exe successfully get ported in OFW then i bet no one will choose C6/N97 due then we get all menu mods like Menu Landscape v2 & menu grids...

yeah u r right ...but no one has ported the c6/n97 matrixmenu.exe into ofw and also hasn't modified the menu3.exe of ofw to get c6 like hs ...
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:crazy: i think ofw base firmwares is best for performance..thats why i like blaze ultimate...but i m currently on equilibrium...waiting for any1 who release ofw base cfw which hace default belle hs.......... :crazy:  :crazy:

i think ...it is nt possible...until shell developer gives permission......

And if u want tht ....then we r making super  package...... Which have high ram alongwith Default Belle hs ..........

But it will be paid.....

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