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  1. Thank you so Much Tmart, Gizmolord Forum and Gizmolord Staff for the Wonderful contest.
  2. Product Category : - http://www.tmart.com/Projectors-Screens/ Prodcut :- http://www.tmart.com/EPW5801AA-Android-4.0-320-Lumens-LED-1920-1200-Projector-Black_p173025.html This one is an awesome projector which can project our Movies, Gamings Consoles or Computer @ Full HD Resolution... Big Screen, Big Fun. a photography competition will be awesome for the next tMart Competition.
  3. http://dx.com/p/ainol-novo8-mini-7-85-dual-core-android-4-1-tablet-pc-w-512mb-ram-8gb-dual-camera-otg-white-259368 I dont think that i need to explain my choice because everyone knows that Ainol is an excellent brand for making cheap tablet. choice which i have made is Ainol Novo 8 is because it has Dual Core ATM 7021 Cortex A9 family 1.3Ghz CPU which is quite fast and the GPU which is Imagination Technologie's PowerVR SGX540, it is really an excellent Graphics Processor which performece very well with HD Gaming. It have Android 4.1 Jelly Bean Version is much faster and better for a Tablet Compared with other Android 4.0 Tablets. 1024p x 768p resolution at 7.85" inch will give us sharp, crisp and clear visuals experince on display. 8GB internal storage along with 32GB of expandable Memory as well as OTG support for external Storage. Dual Camera for taking pictures and for making video calls will make it easy to stay connected with our friend. 3000mAh battery will give this tablet a long life battery backup. So it is the best Tablet under $100 in my opinion. Suggestion:- In my opinion, a contest where user write down a story about there experince "how there Gadget (Smartphone) helped them in different situations" would be great. so we can analyze how Gadgets/Smartphone's actually help people in how many possible ways. and i think my suggestion is better than other because there are some possibilities of cheating in Photography contest.
  4. Best of luck, Try it and report back your experience...
  5. This is a flashable zip file using CWM or TWRP. Works only with Lastest build of CM10.2 by Quarx2K and other Custom Roms based on it. (Tested with MokeeOS 4.3.1) It will overclock following things. CPU > 1300MHz GPU > 266MHz Governor > ONDEMAND and few CPU tweaks. This mod will help you to increase screen responsiveness , removes some lags along with a better battery life compared with stock values. *Keep In Mind - i am not responsible for any kind of damage to your device or dead phones. - However Me and Gizmolord Community will help you to solve your problems. - We never laugh at people who got in troubles, like other peopls laugh on other forums. Best wishes... Overclock GPU and CPU.zip
  6. i have flashed sbf 2nd sbf file that you given.. and it is showing err:A5 in bootloader.. (my orignal sbf file tht u have given before this has been deleted) can u plz reupload tht orignal rooted sbf which u have given at start?
  7. +1 for source... (Y)
  8. i will die if interviewee will ask me this questions . anyways, thanks for this ... +1
  9. not all applications run, but still we can run some of the application through it ... thanks for the simple tutorial... +1
  10. cant you upload flash files to Skydrive, Google Drive or any high speed major file hosting site?
  11. Core links are dead as they are not uploaded by me... :/ try to find somewhere....
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