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Vote For Base Port That You Like

Which Base Port Did You Like Most?  

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  1. 1. Which Base Port Did You Like Most?

    • Orignal Firmware (Custom S60v5)
    • Symbian^1 (Nokia C6)
    • Symbian^1 (Nokia N97)

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OFW:- gives u 75+ mb RAM (start up) & also lots of Battery LIFE... Multiple Homescreens.... Live Homescreen.... (so u can use swf files as live wallpapers) need to apply patches in rom patcher for using mods.... no widget homescreen some mods r not available for OFW....like menu mods.... N97:- gives u 65+ mb RAM (start up) & good battery life but much less thn OFW port.... also gives u much features & graphic mods... Widget homescreen...only 1 HS... doesnt need to apply patches in rom patcher for using mods... C6:- gives u 60+ mb RAM (start up) & less battery backup as compare to OFW & N97 port.... gives u lots of superior looks.... Widget Homescreen....only 1 HS lots of mod available for C6 port... doesnt need to apply patch for using mods...

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Guest Prayaas Aggarwal

I have an offtopic comment about the options in the poll. It is inappropriate to use the word OFW because for C6, the C6 firmware is OFW. :P And all are S^1. The OFW of 52xx, 5530 and 5800. C6 and N97. S60v5 is the name of the interface (UI) of the OS (S^1) :)

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