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Music Suite Mod, Apps Added


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Remember we didn't have an icon for photo browser in The photosuite b4 and that looks ugly... i have added a few apps, but all with their icons... :P its now looking awesome... Will upload this photosuite,videosuite and also integration mod of isms into messaging... It'll replace current conversations with isms 2.0 :P just wait guys

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Cooll suite,thank for share.

Can you change shazam to POWER MP3

And ringtone editor to RINGTONE MAKER !

yes my friend i'll do it for you and upload soon (may b on 20th evening after my next xam ) ,

by the way this ringtone editor is an all in 1 tool, and can easily cut nd merge songs of almost all  formats supported by our handset..

:) so i don't think there is a need of removing this from the suite , i'll upload this app here if you want...

i wil definitely add that power mp3 as u said and upload,

but m shocked u use such a basic looking music player which is not even free ,

even if you have such an excellent player like ttpod, that too absolutely free and with hundreds of themes  and visualisation add ons...


anyway, i'll pm you the mod as per you, and 'll attach it here too...


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vishalalok@ You are right there,don't replace ringtone editor. The reason i want to replace ringtone editor bcoz not open,i realize it my fault coz it need Python to run. For shazam,installed shazam on my phone but not appear in the suite. Cause by difference uid with my shazam,i can try replace them but confuse where to find image uid.

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