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  1. and update ur links, mediafire deleted your files (for full uda and apps pack)
  2. Those who r searching 4 a free call recorder may download "youlu" in applications section.. Its a free app that can record ur calls, nd have several other features too
  3. Thanks 4 ur bonus theme... As v are waiting 4 our RM release... But it seems it'll take some time... Can u plz upload ur wallpaper package too !! Can't wait 2 see them. And +3 for this awesome release.. Linspirat is awesome
  4. that's uc web problem... It shows everything as compressed as possible... Images always r smaller while using fb... Use fascinate or fmobi to get full quality pics...
  5. no , this mod is just for removing the scroll bar, it has no concerns with the icons .... The screenshot in the thread r having anna icons because the owner (me) was having a cfw with anna icons... after adding the mod to ur rofs, u'll have same icons as b4(n8) but no scroll bar, another thing u'll get is menu switch.. So that u can switch between 3x4, 4x4,4x5 etc etc menus just with a single click....
  6. good point nd keen observation mate... M gonna try it in equilibrium now... Anyway +1 for creating this thread. And +1 to farazejar too
  7. yes, multiple buttons r there 4 navigation n attack, but v can't say its multitouch(at least 4 a s60 v5) as v can't press forward movement nd attack button simultaneously , although the game is a multitouch when v play it on ^3 devices (i played once on my friend's c7) (i hope u r talking abt the jar game for s60 v5s nd not abt the hd version for ^3s)
  8. i have, but that regedit is showing every file is in english.... however, a few words in those files r in Chinese...
  9. tried on my bro's lappy.... looks like its only for apps having a full language integration.... but qq center is almost in english with a few chinease characters../ i didn't find any anything chinese anywhere ... all i got in that extracted sis was western europian(windows) english language.... resedit didn't helped me... i think i can't ....
  10. die2mrw added new way to change the language... try out guys.. i 2 will try after reaching back home....
  11. 1.kung fu panda 1 and 2 2.euro trip 1 and 2( american pie type) 3.sexdrive 4.up( house of an old man in the sky with helium gas filled balloons) Now a few korean movies . . (i <3 those cute gals and korean love stories) 1. A little thing called love 2.windstruck(best love story ever ,on the planet earth .. . . Tears were unstopable , . . . ) 3. When i turned 9. . ( mother child love) a few more 1 the green laltern 2. Thor 3. 3 idiots( for our non indian friends)
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