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Nokia 5230|5233 I©ebeat™PR0 Symbian Belle based on C6v41

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SuperB CFW by


I©ebeat™PRO Symbian Belle 5230RM588|5233RM625/C6v41.0.010

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Change Logs [02-08-2012]

- Gray Swipe to Unlock

- Smooth Ubuntu Fonts

- Added Icons in Notification

- Cool Bootscreen & Shutdown

- Blaze Ultimate Theme Effects

- Transparent Black Popup Fader

- Glossy Anna PRO Icons by refsuj06

- Bluetooth Name changed to IcebeatPRO

Change Logs [01-12-2011]

- Ubuntu Fonts

- Shiny Anna Icons

- 4x4 6x2 Grid Menu

- Nokia Browser 7.3.31

- Discrete Secresso Theme Effects by Kandongango

- Battery Mod by 008Rohit

- Improve UI Acceleration

- Improve Rotation

- Touch Screen Vibration Mod level 1 intensity reduced to make it battery friendly

- Resume download on restart

- Integrated Ovi Maps 3.06 11wk10 b01

- Integrated Music Player 15.2

- Integrated Quickrotate

- Music Player Mod C6 music read in E

- Music player Heap size n Playback volume

- Double Heap Size Mod

- Extra Smileys Size Increased [credits to notr3v3]

- Transparent pop-up windows in themes [credits to refsuj]

- NewSmiley by_riztra

Change Logs:

- Mixed N9 icons

- 4x5 Potrait 6x2 Lanscape

- Changed Startup and Shutdown Screens[credits to jhaorosario01 for shutdown screen]

- Removed "Message:" in text messaging

- Swipe to Unlock by Trege

- Autokeyguard time

- Battery Mod by devilbats17

- Breathing light off by default

- Delete FOTA

- Drigz's Premium Page Symbols

- FIX keylight C6 port for 523x and 5800 dan-av

- Font - Calibri font with symbol support by Drigz

- Gallery delete button mod

- High-Quality Voice Recording Mod

- Improved Heap Size

- Improved UI and Games performance

- Java permision mod

- Lights mod v3 by mara

- Default Messaging 999 sent sms

- Default Digital Clock

- Mod Alpha-numeric Keyboard

- Mod Qwerty-Mode Switch

- Mod Landscape v2

- Prevent Apps Running in Background

- Mod for Touch UI by Johnrey22

- Ram Saving Camera Exit

- Remove Ovi Music

- Integrated Easy Keylock

- Integrated Rompatcher 3.0

- Integrated Auto Installer

- Integrated Viva Conversation

- Send Everything from file browser

- Shutdown Restart by Emotionalizer

- Installserver by VOVA1609

- Swipe HS clean

- Modified XM Mediabar

- Modified Themes Transparent Pop up windows [credits to refsu06]

- Icona Memory by DjRaz

- Kinetic Scroll [no brake]

- General Profile changed to I©ebeat™

- Ultimate Theme Effects Version 2

Completely Removed Apps:

- Drawing

- Adobe Reader

- Welcome

- My Nokia

- About

- Phone Switch

- Image Print

- Help

- Dictionary

- Chat

- Voice Command

- Ovi Contacts

- Ovi Syncs

- Ovi Music

- Ovi Store

- Here and Now

- SW Update

- Share Online

- WiFi/Wlan

- Video Call

- Podcasting

- Light Theme

- Dark Theme

- White Theme

- Pink Theme

- Blue Theme

Path for media files:

Images = e\images\

Music,mp3 = e\music\

Videos = e\videos\

Path for Startup/Shutdown Animation/Tone:






drigz,jomar,badvlad,kandongango,ash0103,devilbatz, refsuj06,johnrey22,allenWONG

and to all cfw makers who help me,,thanks also to DM...

Posted Image

For 5230



For 5233


I©ebeat™_PRO_ 5233-50.1.001_prd.rofs2

For 5530



I©ebeat™ Theme's [Attached below]

-Updated by Die2mrw007 - 16th feb, 2012 :)


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