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  1. Anyone pls help me i just want to disable proximitY sensor lock in my 5230.i dont knW which file i have to delete .pls help me
  2. I have delete those file but it dont work can u give that originaj equilibrum file name is 10228bc4.
  3. Hey guys, this is best cfw i have use ,good ram,very fast ,nice bettary back up ,n also nice theme.now question is when i play any high quality video or movie its not playing smooth something like u can says it little buffering .n what is cpu mode u used ,i thing its cpu problem or any other problem bro.pls waiting for reply .And also 5 for your wonderful work
  4. hi all i need this files that put i rofs2 :Vibrate In Any Out Going Phone Call And Also At the End ....
  5. Hello friends, i want to add gujrati font in dictionary but how anyone pls
  6. Right but there is no ovi map in rofs 2 it may in core in ofw .pls help me
  7. How to remove or replace ovi map 3.04 to 3.6 final i tried so many time but i cant remove .or if we can replace with new verson map in ofw
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