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GizmoLord featuring in Wikipedia


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Guys, the forum is acheiving its popularity day by day (thanks to gl members for their overwhelming support) and an idea just struck into my mind. Why not showcase GizmoLord to the masses and spread the word with the world !!! For this task we will need the support of all members of gl and some subject concentrated persons as below : I see prayaas1998 has a good hold on English language with respect to vocabulary. Tristar2 too could contribute his part. And anyone who is well at english language could contribute their part and publish it here. We will then make a final wiki content with all the contributions. Other users who are not so well at english language could contribute their views and ideas about what things should be included and what not to. . I hope an overwhelming support from gl members regarding this. Lets make it big !!! Cheers

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I am preety sure they will delete it, I know a 10 year old forum with 1 million or so members and its article got deleted by some morons.

The way of presentation should be much proffesional. There might be chances of deletion but re-applying the same to suppord desk would regain it.

Any false depiction to the written content will add chances for deletion.

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Guest prayaas1998

I will try to make a rough layout for it. It has to be done in a good manner and not in the style of an advert. We'll fill in data into the sections then keeping in mind that it doesn't have to be boring!

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