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New Anna Icons FOR C6V41!!!!!!!


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okk, i'll do it next time..

i uploaded this to multiupload.

Its really great to upload their.. :)

yeah uploading rate is much faster in multiupload. . .i jst love it

only that download counter issue is bugging me

it registers false download count.

For example, if the actual download is 5. . .it wil show you 300 downloads :D

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ok this may sound noobish but what icons are contained in the series60.mif, and if i replace it via reflash in my cfw what changes would i see?? thanks

also the icon look great wanna try them out +1

modified: also would it change if i keep changing my theme??

K there r 1900 some icons in series60skin.mif and yep it will change according to themes

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Hi dude..

I'm nubie for CFW, how use this file to CFW ? I want to use this mod to Krystal^1.5 from die ?

thanks in advance :)

unpack the krystal rofs by nfe,paste the private n resource folder from the downloaded file in the unpackd rofs,use reload from hdd,n repack,thats it,there wil b a new file in krystal folder..
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