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Nokia Brazil confirms update S60v5 (5800,5530, N97)


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5233 has got the updates of latest browser ,5530 and x6 hasn't.

Why does NT any great cfw maker contact Nokia that they should make a widgetised home screen for all s60v5

nt jst cfw maker. . .evry user could demand it

we, along wid 4-5 users frm DM had a heated discussion about the smiley in symbian platform. . .maybe due to that they might hav forwarded d suggestion and implementd it.

You all cud register at developer.nokia.com and raise suggestions and issues. Remembr to hav lots of followers approving d same idea to qualify for any action. Though it wud be jst an attempt as nokia is nt such fool to accept each and individual requests. It all lies with them.

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Guest prayaas1998

Nokia took back its words.  :( :( :(

I hate you Nokia (now)  :-q

Have a look at this:


It says:

The devices with Symbian S60v5 (N97, 5800, 5530, C6 and Cia) will receive more updates?

Vinicius Costa, confirmed that Nokia will continue to support these devices including will receive updates to correct any errors and graphical interface "identical to Symbian Anna" (**) in 2012.

"Less evil, now these users can become carefree which their devices will also be upgraded" @ Andeclay

(**) Complementing Oct 04 11: it is not Symbian S60v5 hardware because Anna is not supported for this firmware, updates are like these that here, we can see that even have already been released.

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Atleat certain thing could be added if not Homecreens, like landscape, single tap ui etc.

With die if they were to add something they would have added in other s60v5 updates...

more over hardwares are same of most s60v5 devices except c5-03...

So i think less chances of seeing something new n groun breaking...!!!

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