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All MODs for CFW | for all S60v5 devices


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friend im usng rockstar belle cfw,

and my apps are not starting when i restart my cell although ive put them auto-start on boot but they r not starting. Wht to do?

Plz help me.

Follow this guide to edit starter files.  Harder way http://forum.gizmolord.com/symbian1-modding/editing-starter-files-of-s60v5-fw-detailed(last-update-18-03-2012)/

The simpler way is to use jbtaskman and add the apps you want to start, on auto start at boot..

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yep great work this things was not working with cuz my FW was just Core only with out rofs2 i get FW called Galaxy_nexus


i tried some mods and it did work and i hope this links are fixes soon


10) Swipe to Unlock ~ IPhone Paste contents in ROFS2


10) 100% CPU Usage Paste the file in ROFS2Private10202be9. It will boost phone's speed to 100%. Might reduce battery life. Mod by Prayaas1998


and i want som thing like


8 ) Improved Video Capture Paste in ROFS2. This improves video recording of Camera App.


but in playpack i mean when you play Video on the dvice my phone is N97 V22.0.110

and thanks so much for this great mods

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