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All MODs for CFW | for all S60v5 devices


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Update : December 14,2011

New Mods:

[Guide] Make Your Own SWF Home Screen

[MOD] No ScrollBar in Menu

Music Suite Mod, Apps Added(New Music Suite)


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Put every mod in your CFW as placed inside the ZIP file

To add this mods to your CFW use NEB7 or NFEstd.


1) 10202be9 Files Description


2) Profile Description


3) Change USB name

Go to this folder.ROFS2\private\101fe1db.In that,Edit usbman.r01 with any HEXEditor.Done!

*****Performance Mods*****

1) Prevent apps running in background

Disable messaging,logs,clock,calendar from staying in background after you exit them


2) Disable Ovi Contacts

Use this mod to disable the Ram killing Ovi contacts which is useless for most of us.


3) Remove FOTA Cache

Gain 5 MB of wasted space in C


4) System Cache Increase Mod


5) Ram Saving Camera Exit

Camera exits completely on closing;saving Ram.


6) Disable Useless Apps on Startup

for faster startup


7) Improved Heap Size


8) Improved Rotation Speed


9) Improved UI and Games performance


10) Improved Video Capture


11) Increased Startup Sound


12) Application Policy Mod

change user capabilities and application installation settings


13) Browser caching to E

Moves all browser caches to E:\ drive, to save memory on C:\


*****Visual Mods******

1) Menu Busy Circles


2) Five Homescreens With N8 Icons

Finger Use;Full Page;Basic Omnia;Navigation Bar Satio;Contacts bar


3) Orange and Vodafone Homescreens


4) BT Name


5) CFW Version Name


6) Nokia N8 Fonts


7) Fast & Stylish Effects


8) SplashScreen & SysAp


9) Xtreme Menu with N8 Icon by iepurasu_poznas


10) Operator Logo Options


11) Extra Shortcuts in Menu & Hidde Some Apps


12) N8 Menu Default Arrangement by binh24


13) Omnia i8910HD HS by PNHT


14) Flash Live HS

Without Bugs by pirates_killer


15) Enabled Rotaions Effects On Original Firmware


16)Change Custom Version Date to CFW creator


*****System Utility Mods*****

1) Remove Show Open Apps

Deletes "Show Open Apps" forever without ROMPatcher


2) Conversation


3) Bluetooth Transfer Mod

Create a folder on E:\ called Received


4) Stop Nokia SMS Mod


5) Autoinstaller


6) Music Player Mod

Music player reads only E\Sounds\Music


7) Nokia File Browser


8) Extra Sensor Settings


9) Show Call Duration ON


10) Summary After Call ON


11) USB Mass Storage Default


12) Gallery mod

To have a personal hiden folder create on E:\ a folder called Wallpapers


13) Send all from Default Browser

Send files like .sis,.sisx,.jar from default filemanager


14) Show system files via Default Browser from E:\


15) Resume downloads even on restart


16) Press '0' to switch Bluetooth ON


17) Press '0' to Launch Killme app


18) Disable vibration on lock & unlock


19) RomPatcherPlus v2.03 + all patches


20) Camera Silent 1 by soulbunner


21) Camera Silent 2


22) Camera Sound 3


23) High-Quality Voice Recording Mod

Increases default Voice Recorder's recording quality and let's you record up to 10 hours.


24)Camera-Quality Mod


25) Disable Keyboard light


26) Java permision mod


27) N8 kinetic scroll


28) Radio RDS fix


29) Restart on Power key Options


30) RomPatcher + 2.6


31) Clock And Date Settings


32) Default Theme Mod


33) Default Wallpaper Mod


34) Default Theme Effects On


35) Predictive Input Off by Default


36) Set Number of Saved Messages to 900


37) Delivery Report On by Default


38) Browser Rotation Mod


39) Wellcome text,Startup & Shutdown Animations Mod


40) Disable KS in Short Lists Mod


41) Auto Creation Folder


42) Landscape-HS Mod

Turn everything into Landscape!


43) Auto-Silent Install Apps AI7 by PNHT


44) Widgetizer 1.04 by PNHT


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Credits:- Thanks for Binh24 for some his base package

Some words from me: I wanted to release my S^3 exclusive mods for C6v40 & N97v30, I thought to make it

                                          Binh24's icon pack as base.


Compatiblity: Can be used with any C6 v40 OR N97 v30 CFW.

                              Yet, It doesn't support OFW


Note:- Please, delete

1. AutoInstaller_0x2000E69B.mif              (If you don't use AUTO INSTALLER in CFW)

2. BTSwitch_aif.mif                                  (If you don't use BT SWITCH in CFW)

3. KillMe.mif                                            (If you don't use Kill me in CFW)

4. notificationwidget_aif.mif                      (If you don't use NOTIFICATION in CFW)

5. filebrowser_aif.mif                                (If you don't useFile Browser in CFW)

6. filebrowser_extraicons.mif                      (If you don't use File Browser in CFW)

This icon pack includes:


1. Full PR2-PR3 icons.

2. S60 logo (Which comes in front of SHOW OPEN APPS)

    (Using this mod you will get an green circle logo for themes which don't have any logo). AS IN S^3.

3.  Red End key.

4.  Green Answer Key.

5.  Green Dialer Key.

6.  Red End key.                                            (While receiving call)

7.  Green Answer Key.                                  (While receiving call)

8.  Many icons redesigned by me.

9.  Confirmation & Warning redesigned.

10. New Hold Key.

11. Notification Anna style.

12. Calender icons.

13. New !!! Keyboard.                                      (Under Construction-Done as much possible)

14. "+" in editing mode on HS.

15. "Bluetooth icon" instead of "i" icon in Dialer in place of "0".

16. S^3 Buffering.

17. S^3 loader.

18. Minor icons are also changed.

19. Binh24's icon pack bug like GALLERY bug,etc to solved.

20. NEW !!! GALLERY ICON added.

21. HD PR3 Contact icon added in each place.

22. PR3 group icons fixed.

23. Icons having transparency have also been fixed.

                                                    Many new icons are created by me


                                                      Much more.....I am tired of typing.


                                                                    MUCH MORE !!!!


                            This icon pack specially contain icons similar to X7. (According to screenshots & video of X7)



Download Here:












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All you have to do is, just adding the attached files to your rofs2. Shareonline will be replaced to Accel switch perfectly. V51 / C6 V11 supported. If you have own language on your phone, Duplicate below files, then rename "r01" to "rxx" (your country number) \RESOURCE\APPS\frMediaToolbar.r01 \RESOURCE\APPS\ShareOnline.r01 \RESOURCE\APPS\ShareOnline_loc.r01 Thank you, Gasper. For Example, "Share online" to "Accel switch" (I'm C6-5800 cfw user.) 1.Be sure you already deleted "share online" on your cfw.(rofs2) 2.Install "Accel switch" app. first in your phone. 3.Download attached file "shareonline(accel_switch).zip", then extract to C:/ 4.(maybe) Reboot 5.Done. It's simple. All things I did is just renaming "Accel_switch.exe" to "Shareonline.exe" then replace original file /sys/bin/shareonline.exe But limited apps can be replaced. I tried some apps, but only succeeded "Accel switch", "BT switch" I don't know the exact reason why some app can be (or cannot be) supported by this method. That's why I'm a Newbie, =) Anyway, you can try any apps that you want to replace it, then sharing together. btw, you can also see the "Share online" icon on the menu. When you click this icon, Accel switch will be operating.      


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.................................... ???->Mods Sistem<- ??? ....................................

New starter_background_apps

New starter_non_critical_1

Calls Person Wallpaper Default s^3

This Is a Setting Defaut Mode

Posted Image

[img width=236 height=420] 69755964065140773656.jpg

Tactile Feedback In Calls N8

Touch much precision,calibration display on mode calls ,vibration mod calls,closed calls,touch number report this mod from the N8

Posted Image

N8 Touch Sense S^Belle ByDRaz

[img width=466 height=420] 01327699891733044604.jpg

Improved Rotation Speed N8 ByDjRaz

Posted Image

Ui acceleration n8 ByDjRaz

Posted Image

Version report from the n8

Open ,Close Apps Speed N8 ByDjRaz

Posted Image

1-(MOD)Report MiniMenu  HeadPhones ByDjRaz(MOD)

Report Menu HeadPhoens C6,this Menu was Disabilited Now Its Possibile Have Abilited

[img width=236 height=420] 52918790402147442326.jpg

Special Credit To DjRaz

.................................... ???-> Modder Graphics<- ??? ....................................

Battery Icon Landcape Mode

[img width=236 height=420] 99463477687120192307.jpg

3 Dots Dialer S^3

[img width=236 height=420] 98727447405376144726.jpg


[img width=472 height=420]http://upload.centerzone.it/images/67278647793190208727.jpg


[img width=672 height=420]http://upload.centerzone.it/images/40250991750252247551.jpg


[img width=548 height=420]http://upload.centerzone.it/images/27430111998915680492.jpg

Make Much Icon Battery for a chance to choose


Posted Image


  ...update 16-05-2011

?-New Update s60skins.mif c6v40 (contenent:3dots-s^3 icon contact list-icon music s^3 on menu

?-New Icon contacts in contact list

?-New Icon Full Icon n8 In Conversation Apps


?-fake 3.5g This mod is for nokia 5530

?-Icon Memory

?-New Battery Icon-> that mod its incorporate to mod icon lock....

?-New Icon Battery v2 ByDjRaz

?-(((New Icon Battery v3 Patch Multi Type ByDjRaz)))

?-((((New Icon Memory Card-> put in avkon.mif.repack and flash)))) Relapse 06-04-2011





















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Guest prayaas1998

Collection of all Mods for S^1 devices

Since all the mods are scattered here and there, I, with Die2mrw007 decided to make one single thread containing all mods so that it is easier for users to search for mods. This section will be updated regularly. Please hit the green arrow below my avatar (left) as a thanks for this post. Also thank Die2mrw007 as he has been a motivation for me for making this thread. Some mods were copied from shashwat's thread, so you might want to thank him too.

In case you want to know what mods are and how to use them, click here

General Mods

1) QWERTY Keyboard Editing

Download the tool. Unpack fw. Then click 'Open' -> select rofs2\resource\plugins\peninputvkbwindowconfiginfo_NN.rsc file (NN- your language code, 01 - english, 03 -german etc). Now you can edit your keyboard. When you finish editing, click 'Save' and save your new keyboard. Then replace old keyboard file in fw with your new keyboard and flash your phone

2) Restart in place of Lock Screen and Keys

Paste the SysAp.exe in Sys/Bin. Then open SysAp.r01 in Resource/Apps with ResEdit (NFE). Change entry 36 (Lock Screen and keys) to Restart. Thanks to CODeRUS for the mod.

3) Fix Qt for CFW

Put this installserver.exe into Sys/Bin. After flashing, hard reset and install Qt online through Nokia Store. Thanks to PNHT, Vova1609, n0tr3v3 for providing the mod.

4) Nokia Browser for other C6 and N97 ports

Paste the files in ROFS2. If you want to apply themepacks to your CFW, then don't copy Browser.mif. Use only BrowserNG_aif.mif. Thanks to NikShip for extracting the files.

5) Setting custom widget arrangement

Follow the instructions. Thanks to PrinceRM for the help.

6) Setting Custom Menu Items Arrangement

Arrange it in your desired manner in your phone. Then copy the matrixmenu.xml file from phone using Xplore. Thanks to Die2mrw007 for the trick.

7) MediaBar from Neutron v12

Paste series60skin.mif to Resource\skins\themeuid. Thanks to gauravsood619 for excellent work.

8 ) 6 page symbols for typing

Paste this in your ROFS2. Thanks to Drigz for creating this wonderful mod.

9) Fix Smiley size and Add symbols support for common fonts

Follow instructions on the page in link. Thanks to Drigz for fixing the bug for us.

10) Smileys on 6th page

Will break the functionality of Mod 9. Thanks to arpit982, srgudhka for their awesome work.

11) Lock phone by proximity sensor

This mod works by putting either on C: (No C2Z needed) or by pasting into ROFS2. Thanks to AlexSB for his mod.

12) Fix Center Text Mod Bugs in OFW

This fixes the bugs when changing font size in OFW. Thanks to dan-av and Neutral-5800

13) Fix Ovi Sync in ported CFW

Paste contents in ROFS2

14) Earpiece & Loudspeaker Volume 100% by default

Paste in ROFS2. This mod will increase default volume to 100% for earpiece and loudspeaker

15) Breathing Light off by Default

Paste in ROFS2. This mod will disable breathing light

16) Change Custom Version Date to CFW Creator in *#0000# screen

Paste in ROFS2. Follow included instructions (modify corresponding files according to your needs)

17) Change default profile settings

Instructions included inside. You need to mod some files as per your needs ATI, and then paste those in ROFS2.

18 ) Change default name of USB

Goto ROFS2\private\101fe1db. Then edit usbman.r01 using ResEDIT of NFE (enter your desired usb name in it)


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Guest prayaas1998

Performance Mods

1) Prevent Apps from running in Background

Paste contents in ROFS2. This will disable messaging, logs, clock, calendar from running in background once exited.

2) Remove FOTA Cache from C:

Paste in ROFS2. This mod will save another 5 MB space on your CFW. Note for non-partitioned OFW based CFWs: You might not be able to update your phone Over-The-Air after applying this mod.

3) System Cache Increase

Paste in ROFS2.

4) Exit Camera Completely

Paste in ROFS2. Your Camera App will not consume RAM after being closed.

5) Remove Useless Startup Apps

Paste in ROFS2. This mod will decrease startup time.

6) Increased Heap Size

Paste in ROFS2

7) Improved Rotation Speed

Paste in ROFS2. Now your phone won't take hours to change screen orientation

8 ) Improved Video Capture

Paste in ROFS2. This improves video recording of Camera App.

9) Modded Application Policy

Paste contents in ROFS2. This mod will make installation of unsigned and untrusted apps easier

10) 100% CPU Usage

Paste the file in ROFS2\Private\10202be9. It will boost phone's speed to 100%. Might reduce battery life. Mod by Prayaas1998

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Guest prayaas1998

UI Mods

1) Anna Icons for C6 v40

Paste files in ROFS2. Don't complain about files' host. It's by binh24.

2) Anna Icons for C6 v20

Paste files in ROFS2. Don't complain about files' host. It's by binh24.

3) Anna Icons for N97 v30

Paste files in ROFS2. Don't complain about files' host. It's by binh24.

4) Symbian Belle Navibar for C6v40

Paste files in ROFS2. By babu_rajiv

5) Symbian Belle Navibar for OFW

Paste files in ROFS2. By babu_rajiv

6) Splashscreen modification

Make a JPG with 360x640 resolution that you intend to set as your splashscreen. Go to http://www.enetzwerk.de/svg/index2.html and upload your image. Open SisContents. New - 5th Platform - Contents (App Icon) - Add Entry - Add file entry - Your Splashscreen.mif from Resource/Apps. Replace Entry 01 with your mif file. You have a new mif. Click on extract and copy it to your CFW.

7) Center Text for C6v40

Paste in ROFS2 for Center Text in Menu. Mod by binh24

8a. Integrating any app or theme into the CFW

Download your sis/sisx package. Open it using Siscontents. Click on extract icon. A new folder will open where the files are unpacked. You'll either see c_XYZ or XYZ. XYZ stands for the folder name. Copy the contents of XYZ to the corresponding XYZ in your ROFS2. You're done! Guide for using SisContents is given here

8b. Setting a theme default

Edit line 14 (0x14) of 101F876F.txt in 10202be9 of ROFS2. Insert your theme 8 digit UID there. In case your theme has 16 digit UID, follow this guide. Your theme must be integrated before you can do this.

9) Symbian Belle Dialer Icon

Use the standard SisContents method to replace this entry in Series60Skin.mif. You may use any svgb of the proper size and put it in Series60Skin.mif

10) Swipe to Unlock ~ IPhone

Paste contents in ROFS2

11) Five Homescreens

Only for OFW based CFWs

12) Orange and Vodafone Homescreens

Only for OFW based CFWs

13) Omnia HD HS

Only for OFW based CFWs

14) Flash Live HS

Only for OFW based CFWs

15) Fonts with Smiley and 6 page symbols support

Open link for more details

16) Default Menu Arrangement Similar to that of N8

Paste in ROFS2. Mod by binh24. This mod will make the default menu arrangement similar to the default one on N8

17) Enable Rotation Effects on OFW

Paste in ROFS2. This mod will enable rotation effects on OFW of non-C6/N97 phones.

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Guest prayaas1998

Theme Effects

Instructions for all effects: Delete Resource/effects. Paste the effects folder from the files below to Resource.

1) C7 PR2.0 Theme Effects

Courtesy: Akshay

2) Spin and Slide Effects

Courtesy: Mr. G

3) Slide Mania Effects for ported FWs

Courtesy: allstar12345

4) Slide Mania Effects for OFWs

Courtesy: allstar12345

5) Style v2 Theme Effects for ported FWs

Courtesy: allstar12345

6) Style v2 Theme Effects for OFWs

Courtesy: allstar12345

7) Style v2 Theme Effects - Lite Version

Courtesy: allstar12345

8 ) Symbian^3 Folder open/close effects

Courtesy: allstar12345

9) Dark Sky Effects

Courtesy: johnrey22

10) Lepidoptera Theme Effects

Courtesy: ermsk8er

11) Under the Sea Effects

Courtesy: ermsk8er

12) Cloudy Sky Effects

Courtesy: ermsk8er

13) Symbian Belle Effects

Courtesy: Ken19931110

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Guest prayaas1998


WARNING: Not all mods are personally tested by me.

More stuff to be soon added.

Please hit the green arrow below my and Die2mrw007's avatars if you like this thread.

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