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  1. reall nice work its cool 1 more thing i didn`t add the effects in c: i cock it in the rofs2 then flashed the phone working 100% you rock hope you can make more and more :D/
  2. yep great work this things was not working with cuz my FW was just Core only with out rofs2 i get FW called Galaxy_nexus http://www.mediafire.com/download/d1cwk17s239h5km/Galaxy_nexus_CFW_2012_By_Abdodade.rar i tried some mods and it did work and i hope this links are fixes soon 10) Swipe to Unlock ~ IPhone Paste contents in ROFS2 10) 100% CPU Usage Paste the file in ROFS2Private10202be9. It will boost phone's speed to 100%. Might reduce battery life. Mod by Prayaas1998 and i want som thing like 8 ) Improved Video Capture Paste in ROFS2. This improves video recording of Camera App.
  3. so is`t there any way to make it on my N97 just let me know the file name and the string that and i will try
  4. i try the S60 did`t work on my N97 why i do`t know still give me the Normal num Keys
  5. Looks like i found some bugs in my CFW based on OFW 1st bug in video Performance 2nd bug in camera Performance too 3rd the time battery is too short from the OFW from 3 days to 1 day only sleep mode but this may be battery it self after hacking i get 1 app only say unable to install constrained by the certificate all what i did to the OFW is add Room Patch plus 3.1 and the Java settings and delete built in apps like OVI chat search i need fix this bugs thanks for all Genius in here
  6. I think im idiot or im a bad luck man but this okay the txt file you are talking about is not in my rofs how ever i find 101F8763.txt its looks like the same as the file you are talking about i try but it did`t work but i will keep trying thanks you are super
  7. will im not super smart or Smart but i do`t think there is Possible way to do that sorry but i do`t think Nokia will be that St***id to leave open way to take data like that
  8. im looking for the qwerty keyboard to N97 something like keys in opera or I phone or S3 i download the qwerty keyboard editor but the file needed for the editor is not in my OFW how can i edit something not in my FW i need way to add this kind of keyboard i`m getting bored of the keys like old phones thanks
  9. will great work i did`t know my phone will change sounds tested on my phone N97 RM-505 V22.0.110 Hacked really great but i think I phone sounds will be greater
  10. this topic helped me much and with it i did Hack my Nokia N97 http://forum.gizmolord.com/custom-firmware-discussions/ultimate-tutorial-to-create-your-own-custom-firmware-(cfw)-(by-lrajesh555)/ but what im asking for is not there in this topic i did`t find what im asking for in this topic that`s why im Asking here if there no way to do it then i need to know how to make the def settings to 100% of the volume and what file is about this in my N97 V22.0.110 because also in the Topic link (by-lrajesh555) the files he named it are not found in FW only the Folder name is right but any thing else
  11. when we will have time to try this on our phones i fell like Never
  12. how to make volume in call setting to100% with out the volume keys you will tell my why because i have problem in my all keys so is there a way to make it is default setting from the CFW or change it like music Player when i Touch the screen the volume bar show up so you can change it so easy and thanks also sorry for my bad English
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