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Symbian Anna v7.9 for Nokia 5800 5530 5230 and X6

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The last update CFW Symbian Anna for Nokia 5230 5800 5530 X6 , and thus officially said goodbye to Symbian S60v5 . This new version fixes all bugs that we reported in the previous version, updated all native applications to its latest version and after reading many documents we want to present the best firmware that we have created, focused on the most of the phone with an excellent command of RAM you will notice instantly, additionally you will enjoy all the characteristics that have the new equipment through the new Nokia Symbian Anna v7.9.

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[img width=650 height=367] Screen2-Symbian-Anna-v794_zpsb4f59ace.jp


TEAM                   WHO CAN USE                              WHO CAN NOT USE


NOKIA 5800                        Everyone, absolutely everyone no matter the RM 5800,

RM-428 and RM-356           or version, or color or anything ... ALL! Believe me XD


NOKIA 5530                        All 5530 regardless of the RM, or version or anything ... All!



NOKIA 5230                        All be RM 5230-594                                                                         Those with other RM



NOKIA X6                            All X6 firmware or lower v40.0.002                                                   Those with the version 40.2.002

RM-559 and RM-551


New Features

New RAM memory optimization (Exclusive)

Modification of Symbian OOMonitor that fixes several bugs in handling the RAM (Exclusive)

Processor speed increased to 536 Mhz really (Exclusive)

Correction levels battery sensor, now it works and reports the exact value (Exclusive)

New Web Browser v7.3.133

Dll Modified the browser cache to point the external memory. (Exclusive)

New startup sound.

QWERTY keyboard, Symbian Anna

Corrected errors in the camera icon.

Effects renovated, with kinetic response.

New Nokia Pure Font much more readable.

Nokia Store integrated and updated to version 1.30 (05) August 2012

Fixed incompatibility with Bluetooth headsets on the Nokia 5530

Fixed version number in the firmware of Nokia 5230

Optimized startup applications.

Unlock screen "Tap Unlock" with notifications enabled

Changes in the system cache for apps to faster.

Improved InstallServer correcting problems when installing some applications

Desk with original transparent Widgets Symbian Anna (Exclusive)

Default theme Symbian Anna Firmware designed exclusively for this courtesy of @ aj23thememaster

Built with the core of the Nokia N97 mini which allows better management of the RAM

Support for emoticons and symbols on the keyboard messaging

Horizontal menu to full screen with the bar down

Integrated Nokia Maps 6.3 (Exclusive Version)

Language English and Spanish Latino

Improved Sidebar improving much smaller space in all applications

Image on and off the original Black NOKIA Symbian Belle

The Tap Unlock unlock system saves RAM and increases battery performance

Light Behavior reprogrammed

Firmware thorough cleaning to get more free space.

But all the other advantages of the previous version Anna v7.5


[move]DOWNLOAD LINKS[/move]

Symbian Anna v7.9 for Nokia 5800            :  DOWNLOAD HERE

Version 60.0.003

Symbian Anna v7.9 for Nokia 5530            :  DOWNLOAD HERE

Version 40.0.003

SYMBIAN ANNA v7.9 for NOKIA 5230        :  DOWNLOAD HERE

Version 51.2.002

SYMBIAN ANNA v7.9 for NOKIA X6            :  DOWNLOAD HERE

version 40.0.002

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